Youth Football Helmets

Xenith offers the same helmet technology the pros use to youth football players at a very affordable price. For the best fit, comfort and protection in youth football helmets, the Xenith X2 Youth football helmet is the answer.

Xenith X2 Youth Football Helmets

Why Use A Xenith Youth Football Helmet

Protection and fit are two of the most important factors in a youth football helmet. Xenith’s innovative Xenith Adaptive Head Protection® system not only provides the best protection, but has introduced the football industry to an entirely new and innovative way of fitting football helmets. The Xenith Adaptive Head Protection® system includes:

  • Fit Seeker: The X2’s Fit Seeker System adapts to the head for outstanding fit and comfort with no pumps needed. There are many different types of hits experienced in a game including rotational acceleration; Xenith’s Fit Seeker is designed to keep the helmet secure during all impacts.
  • Shock Bonnet: The X2’s Shock Bonnet adapts to the hit for the best protection possible. Xenith’s patented shock absorbers release air to help minimize the sudden movement of the head.

Xenith’s Fit Seeker and Shock Bonnet make the fitting of the Xenith Youth football helmet very easy for coaches, players and parents. A coach can fit his entire team with no pumps; players do not need to adjust anything on their helmets after the initial fitting and parents are given a piece of mind with protection, fit with and a helmet process that is made very easy for them whether the helmet is purchased individually or through a team.

The Word On X

Xenith customers have had fantastic experiences with the Xenith youth football helmet. Here are some of their testimonials:

“Xenith is the future of football helmets. It is so much more convenient and safer for my kids.” – Snoop Dogg – Artist/Entertainer and Founder of the Snoop Youth Football League. Read more about Xenith’s partnership with the Snoop Youth Football League.

“Football helmet design has gotten a lot better. The Xenith X1 is a great example. My son wears one, they are terrific.” – Trey Wingo ESPN NFL Primetime Anchor

“I’ve been a part of the Head and Concussions Summit the past few years, and the Xenith helmet is far superior to the rest of the helmets I’ve seen in the league.” – Marcellus Wiley, Former NFL player, Pro-Bowler and current ESPN Analyst

“As a father, coach, and president of a youth football program, my first priority is always the safety of my players. In my opinion, Xenith is the best helmet available.” – Rich Egan, President, Westside Bruins Youth Football

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  • How Youth Football Helmets Have Evolved Over Time

    Football players generally wear Youth Football Helmets, before they enter high school; this includes players as early as age 5 up through 14 when they switch to adult football helmets. Pop Warner football began in 1929 and has grown every year since its inception. The organized football program began to keep kids out of trouble and today there are still leagues being created for the same reasons. The National Operating Committee on Standards Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE) approves helmets to be worn on any football field. Today the exterior material of football helmets is generally made of a hard plastic called polycarbonate; however often youth helmets are made of ABS Plastic, which can be better suited for the impacts experienced on a youth football field. The interior components of football helmets are generally made of dense foam padding; however, they significantly differ from manufacturer to manufacturer. Xenith’s innovative Xenith Adaptive Head Protection was introduced in 2009 and since then has brought a new dimension of fit, design, comfort and safety. The shock absorbers inside are made of Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU), which is a durable, antimicrobial material which unlike foam doesn’t degrade significantly overtime. It is significantly better than other helmet manufacturers given its fit, safety, maintenance and cost. The Xenith model is the only youth helmet with a fit system. Children’s heads are generally shaped differently than adults and in a helmet with no fit system this creates a problem. The Xenith helmet forms to the shape of the players head allowing for an optimal fit especially for youth football players. Today there are over 100,000 football players in the United States wearing Xenith football helmets including the youth level.

    Youth Football Helmet

  • Why Use A Youth Football Helmet

    Youth football helmets are required for youth football for safety and injury prevention. Concussion awareness has grown in football at all levels; however particularly at the youth level. Recently studies have shown that younger players are at a greater risk of brain injury, as their brains are not yet fully developed. Some youth leagues have begun modifying practices so youth football players are not hitting as frequently, lessening the likelihood of injury. These recent findings make your choice more important than ever.

    Xenith Youth Football Helmet Accessories

    Youth Football helmet accessories include seven different football facemask styles for youth and adult in both carbon steel and titanium. The Xenith eye shield fits every size Xenith helmet except the youth small; however, eye shields are often not allowed in some youth football leagues without a Doctor’s note.

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