College Football Helmets

The Xenith X2 football helmet offers players technology, comfort and fit that is unmatched by its competitors. Not only do Equipment Managers have an easier time with maintenance but now the players can experience the best fit, comfort and protection that allows them to keep their focus on the game.

Xenith X2 College Football Helmets

Why Use a Xenith College Football Helmet

Fit and protection is particularly important for College football players as they must be eligible to play and therefore be able to perform on and off the field as student athletes. Xenith provides equipment that not only protect the players head but also the educational material necessary to keep student athletes healthy on and off the field through Xenith Academy. Xenith’s innovative Xenith Adaptive Head Protection® is a collection of technologies designed to provide the best head protection available in College football helmets. Xenith Adaptive Head Protection includes:

  • Fit Seeker: The X2’s Fit Seeker System adapts to the head for outstanding fit and comfort with no pumps needed, and helps keep the helmets secure during an impact.
  • Shock Bonnet: The X2’s Shock Bonnet adapts to the hit for the best protection possible. Xenith’s patented shock absorbers release air to help minimize the sudden movement of the head.

College football players are experiencing the benefits of Xenith College football helmets all over the United States.

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Currently many colleges wear Xenith football helmets including North Carolina State, Oregon State, The University of Miami, University of Illinois and The University of California Berkeley to name a few – read what some of the Xenith customers are saying about their experience with the Xenith helmet.

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  • Xenith College Football Helmet Accessories

    College football players have a variety of Xenith football facemasks to choose from including seven styles in both carbon steel and titanium, titanium being significantly lighter. The Xenith eye shield is also available for Xenith College Football Helmets for both protection and style. There are also elite comfort pads available allowing for a more comfortable fit if players prefer.

    Why Use a College Football Helmet

    College football helmets are not only required but also used for safety and injury prevention. In recent years concussion awareness has drawn attention to helmets and their uses. Rules and regulations have been modified and enforced to ensure the safety of College football players. Recent rule changes include:

    • Injury Timeout: This rule states that when a player shows signs of a concussion, the officials will declare timeout and the player must leave the game. The player must be provided with medical attention before returning to the game.
    • Defenseless Player: This rule draws attention to the act in which a player targets or initiates contact with a defenseless opponent’s head or neck.
    • Helmet Off: This rule states that if a players’ football helmet falls off during play, the play will end and the player is required to sit out of the game for the next play. Xenith has been an integral part of bringing concussion awareness to the football community by encouraging rule enforcement, proper technique and safer equipment.

    Xenith is the best choice for a College Football Helmet.

  • How College Football Helmets Have Evolved over Time

    College football helmets are worn by all college football players for injury prevention during play. All helmets are approved by the National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE) before being worn on a college football field. There are various manufacturers and each have some similarities; all shells are made of a hard plastic called polycarbonate. The interior components vary for each manufacturer with the oldest design being dense foam padding and the newest most innovative being made by Xenith! Xenith’s innovative Xenith Adaptive Head Protection was introduced in 2009 and since then has brought a new dimension of fit, design, comfort and safety to College football. Xenith’s design does not use foam padding but instead has decided to focus its attention on slowing down the sudden movement of the players head on each impact.Xenith believed that the best way to accomplish this is to create something similar to an airbag in a car, which is designed to slow down the sudden movement of a driver in a car. Similarly Xenith’s goal with the innovative Xenith football helmet is to use a technology that accomplishes that same goal and slows down the sudden movement of the head and ultimately slow the sudden movement of the brain inside the skull, lessening the likelihood of concussion. Xenith’s shock absorbers, unlike foam padding, are strategically designed to compress on each impact and therefore, slow the sudden movement of the head and brain. Today Colleges and University all over the United States are wearing Xenith football helmets and befitting from its technologies. Helmets help differentiate teams from each other by using different paint colors as well as different decal designs on teams’ helmets. Recently College football teams have used their helmets a way to differentiate themselves, with some teams using a matte helmet and others are using gold in their paint color.

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