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Featuring our latest technology and football helmet innovations, the Xenith X2 football helmet was introduced to the industry in 2011 and has received rave reviews from consumers at every level of play. Featuring our Xenith Adaptive Head Protection® system, the X2 delivers unmatched technology, comfort and fit that adapts to your head and to the hit.

Xenith X2 Varsity Helmets

Xenith X2 Youth Helmets

Why Use A Xenith Football Helmet

From youth to high school, college and the pros, Xenith has been the helmet of choice for parents, athletic trainers and coaches and have worn by over 100,000 athletes.

Our innovative Xenith Adaptive Head Protection system is a collection of technologies designed to provide the best fit, comfort and protection possible. Our Fit Seeker  and Shock Bonnet technology not only provide the best protection, but also create an innovative way of fitting football helmets that is also extremely comfortable.

  • Fit Seeker: The X2’s Fit Seeker System adapts to the head and helps keep the helmet secure during all impacts experienced on the field. Learn More.
  • Shock Bonnet: The X2’s Shock Bonnet adapts to the hit for the best protection possible. Xenith’s patented shock absorbers release air to help minimize the sudden movement of the head. Learn More.

Xenith Football Helmet Accessories

Accessories for the Xenith Football Helmet include seven different football facemask styles for youth and adult in both carbon steel and titanium, as well as the Xenith Eyeshield for eye protection.

Xenith Facemasks

Xenith Eyeshield

  • What Xenith Customers Are Saying

    Xenith customers have been overwhelmingly positive about their experiences with Xenith:

    • “Xenith is the future. It is so much more convenient and safer for my kids.” – Snoop Dogg – Artist/Entertainer and Founder of the Snoop Youth Football League. Read more about Xenith’s partnership with the Snoop Youth Football League
    • “I’ve been a part of the Head and Concussions Summit the past few years, and the Xenith helmet is far superior to the rest of the helmets I’ve seen in the league.” – Marcellus Wiley, Former NFL player, Pro-Bowler and current ESPN Analyst
    • “My experience with the Xenith X2 helmet is like a tailored suit on your head … us athletes, we like to have things that fit right and when I put the helmet on it was like a match made in heaven. I had the best year of my career in the Xenith X2 helmet.” – Ray Rice, All-Pro Running Back, Baltimore Ravens

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  • How Helmets Have Evolved Over Time

    All football helmets are approved by the National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE) before being worn on any football field. As the governing body for standards on athletic equipment, the NOCSAE began establishing a standard for helmets in 1970 based on their research. Today the exterior material is generally made of a hard plastic called polycarbonate. The interior components are generally made of dense padding; however, they significantly differ from manufacturer to manufacturer, with the newest, most innovative football helmets made by Xenith.

    The NOCSAE standard was and still is a standard that was created to minimize skull fractures and death that occurred on the football field. While dangerous and possibly fatal hits require dense padding, other hits that occur during football, including those at the line of scrimmage that occur almost every play, require something softer. Xenith’s innovative Xenith Adaptive Head Protection was introduced in 2009 to protect players during the most dangerous hits, as well as the hits that occur during every play. Other manufacturers use predominantly dense foam padding that does not protect as well under softer impacts occurring with more frequency. Xenith helmets were designed to adapt to each hit a player experiences; and since then has brought a new dimension of fit, design, comfort and safety.

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