High School Football Helmet

The Xenith X2 football helmet provides high school football players with the best fit, comfort and protection available for an affordable price. Parents and coaches are given the option not only to protect their players with innovative helmets, but also recondition their helmets without having to wonder where their helmets have been.

Xenith X2 High School Football Helmets

Why Use A Xenith High School Football Helmet

Xenith provides High School football helmets that not only protect the players head but also the educational material necessary to keep student athletes healthy on and off the field. Xenith’s innovative Xenith Adaptive Head Protection® is a collection of technologies designed to provide the best head protection available. Xenith Adaptive Head Protection includes:

  • Fit Seeker: The X2’s Fit Seeker System adapts to the head for outstanding fit and comfort with no pumps needed, and helps keep the helmets secure during an impact.
  • Shock Bonnet: The X2’s Shock Bonnet adapts to the hit for the best protection possible. Xenith’s patented shock absorbers release air to help minimize the sudden movement of the head. 
  • Tracking System: Every Xenith football helmet has a unique serial number that is tracked during reconditioning, keeping it as safe as possible and allowing coaches, parents, athletes and athletic trainers the ability to keep track of each helmets age, history and quality.

Before launching Xenith’s first football helmet, Xenith consulted high school football players for feedback regarding fit, comfort and design. The Xenith helmet was built and designed with player feedback in mind before its launch. Learn More about our Technology.

The Word On X

• “Our entire BB&N team wore the Xenith helmets this year. The results have been tremendous. The players love them and our head injuries are practically non-existent. As the head coach, it’s comforting to know that your team wears the most protective helmet built today. It has helped make our team healthier and better.”

– John Papas, Head Football Coach Buckingham Browne & Nichols School

• “We decided to go with the X1 when we started the North Forney Football program. Since then, we have had NO concussions, and our players absolutely LOVE the fit and design of the Xenith X1. I wholeheartedly recommend the Xenith X1 to any coach who is worried about head injuries and player safety. I am a Xenith proponent for life!”

– Carl “Hank” Semler, Head Football Coach North Forney High School, Forney, Texas

• “My experience with the Xenith X2 football helmet is like a tailored suit on your head … us athletes, we like to have things that fit right and when I put the helmet on it was like a match made in heaven. I had the best year of my career in the Xenith X2 helmet.”

– Ray Rice, All Pro Running Back, Baltimore Ravens

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  • How High School Football Helmets Have Evolved over Time

    How High School Football Helmets have evolved over time: Helmets must be approved by the National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE) before being worn on any High School football field. Today the exterior material  is made of a hard plastic called polycarbonate whereas youth football helmets are made of ABS plastic. Players are encouraged to switch from youth to high school at the age of 14 or after 8th grade. The interior components have been made of dense foam padding for years; while some manufacturers still use this padding, the newest most innovative helmets are made by Xenith. They have often been purchased by the school rather than the individual; however, due to High School’s budget constraints this is often difficult; therefore, Xenith introduced an innovative program called One Player: One Helmet to make the purchasing easier. Schools are burdened, not only with the purchasing decision but also with the reconditioning process which is the refurbishment of used equipment. Players are often wearing used helmets of unknown age, history and quality. Xenith’s program allows parents to donate money to the school to ensure their high school player can not only wear a Xenith helmet that is reconditioned each year but also continue to wear his helmet throughout his high school career. The helmet is cleaning, a percentage is tested and the helmets are sent back to the school; Xenith helmets are the only helmets that are tracked by serial number during this process.

    Xenith High School Football Helmets

  • Why Use a High School Football Helmet

    High School football helmets are required by NOCSAE and provide protection for football players during play; therefore High School football players must either purchase a helmet, or the team must provide one. Xenith has provided schools the option of their One Player: One Helmet program – an option for parents to make a donation to the school to relieve the burden of purchasing them and rather keep track of their own equipment, similar to other sports.

    Xenith High School Football Helmet Accessories

    High School football helmets accessories for the Xenith football helmet include seven different options of football facemask styles depending on choice and position both in carbon steel and titanium; the Xenith eye shield fits all High School helmets but if sometimes not allowed in certain leagues; and the elite comfort pads, which provide exceptional comfort when added to a helmet.

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