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Hundreds of thousands of players at all levels, including youth, high school, major college and the NFL wear Xenith helmets. Xenith incorporates the same protection technology in not only helmets, but also our Xflexion™ Shoulder Pads. Xenith offers a variety of other football equipment and accessories, including facemasks, eyeshields and more.

Being “An Authorized Supplier of Helmets to the NFL,” Xenith supports making the game of football a safer game for everyone to play.

X2E Varsity Helmets 

X2E Varsity Helmet

Features Xenith’s patented Adaptive Head Protection® technology found in previous versions, with two new exciting improvements.

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X2E Youth Helmets

X2E Youth Helmet

Features the same Adaptive Head Protection technology as the X2E Varsity helmet, in an ABS shell.

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EPIC Varsity Helmets

Xenith EPIC Football Helmet

Brand new shell geometry and a new liner design; delivers the ultimate in helmet fit, comfort & protection.

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Shoulder Pads 

Xflexion Shoulder Pads

Xenith’s Xflexion™ shoulder pad offers better protection and better flexibility in a pad designed for any position. 

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Xenith Facemaks

Features 7 of our traditional facemask styles, and 3 exciting new styles: Prime, Prowl, & Pursuit. 

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  Xenith Eyeshield

 The Xenith Eyeshield offers clear, distortion-free vision with a sleek exterior design. 

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