Xenith X2 Varsity Football Helmet

Keep Your Head in the Game.

The game-changing Xenith X2 football helmet features our patented Adaptive Head Protection® system, delivering unmatched technology, comfort and fit that adapts to your head and to the hit. Lightweight and comfortable, the X2 helps you keep your focus on the field – with the added confidence of knowing you’ve got the most advanced helmet technology on the market. Shop >>


A Difference You Can See and Feel.

Proper fit is essential for protection. Traditional football helmets use antiquated chinstraps that make it difficult to fit players properly. This prob­lem is apparent in the staggering number of helmets coming off during play.

Xenith’s Fit Seeker® system adapts to the head, providing a custom fit, with no pumps needed, that helps keep the helmet secure during an impact. As the player pulls on the chinstraps, the Shock Bonnet® snugs around the player’s head for an instant custom fit. 

Keep Your Head in the Game.

The dense, stiff padding used in traditional football helmets is uncomfortable, and makes the helmet feel heavy. The helmet becomes a burden that hinders the player’s performance.

The Xenith X2 feels like no other football helmet. It’s a unique experience that provides a perfect fit every time. Xenith helmets are lightweight, and provide greater ventilation and visibility.


2 Technologies, 1 Unique System

We’ve all witnessed the dramatic effects from “big hits” in football. What is less obvious is the damage done by repetitive low energy hits, and those where rotational forces can do far greater damage to the brain than we fully understand. These hits account for the vast majority of the hits the average player receives.

The X2 features Xenith Adaptive Head Protection® which is a system of technologies designed to address the type of hits football players receive on the field, both linear and rotational, to minimize the sudden movement of the head.

Xenith’s Aware-Flow® shock absorbers “Adapt to the Hit” providing an optimal response for both high and low energy hits, and the linear forces that can cause injuries. Xenith’s Shock Bonnet® acts as a suspension system, allowing the helmet shell to move independently, which helps to deflect energy and reduce dangerous rotational forces.