“The Helmets Have Performed On The Field”

I played at the college level and have coached youth football for 8 years. In that time I hadn’t notice a significant change in football helmets. I had researched the Xenith helmets a few years ago and was impressed with the technology. This year our POP WARNER organization asked if our team would be willing to wear the Xenith helmets. We agreed. The helmets have performed on the field and the players love them because they fit and stay in the correct position and they perform. Not one complaint about the helmet not fitting or that the helmet hurts. I had concerns that our 14 year old kids would want the familiar brand of helmets, but after the first practice not one player wanted to switch. Keep up the good work, your pursuit of a better helmet will help the football industry move forward. Thank you.

David Matthews, Salem, Oregon

– 09/22/2011

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