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Xenith News

Sports Business In My Backyard: Lowell’s Xenith, LLC

“When my appliance repairman told me that he had a service call at a football helmet manufacturer in Lowell, I had to find out more. This company was literally in my backyard (just two miles from my home in Dracut) and I knew nothing about them. After a quick google search, I found Xenith, LLC

I then reached out to Xenith’s PR director, Hillary Rose who was nice enough to connect me with the founder and CEO, Vin Ferrara. In this interview, Vin and I discuss Xenith’s advancements in football helmet design, concussion safety, Ray Rice, Nick Buoniconti and the Lowell, Massachusetts headquarters. 

BST&N: How has Xenith become a “game changer” in the football helmet industry? 

Vin Ferrara: Xenith has been on the forefront of both innovation and education. We have made it our mission to not only provide athletes the most innovative products, but also do what we can to make sure they are educated. Xenith was the first helmet manufacturer to stress the importance of education and to help athletes understand that all concussive symptoms must be taken seriously.” 

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