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Helmet Reconditioning: What Every Parent Needs To Know

Recent news stories have focused on the issue of football helmet reconditioning, an important health topic that should be talked about more among parents and within the football community. Chances are you’ve never checked your son’s football helmet, but it is highly likely it contains components of unknown age and history, and was passed down from player to player until it finally reached your child. This process can be repeated each year with different helmets and different components.

Up until now, helmet reconditioning hasn’t been a topic brought to the attention of parents. But now is the time to start the discussion. ESPN Outside the Lines recently ran a segment entitled Reconditioned Helmets. We encourage you to watch this and share it with other parents and members of your community. The following quotes were included in the segment:

“Like the vast majority of high school and youth league players, [he] was wearing a reconditioned helmet, and like the majority of parents, his mother had no idea what that meant.” – Reporter

“I didn’t see [his helmet] at all. He kept it in the locker room at the school so I don’t remember seeing it come home with him at all. I didn’t know anything about the reconditioning process at all. Never heard of it, didn’t even think about it. We don’t know where that helmet’s been, what it’s been through, what kind of condition it’s in.”
– Mother


Buy your son his own helmet.

You will not only maximize your son’s safety, activity, and health, you will reduce the financial burden on your team or town, so it can afford other important products or services. This creates a winning situation for all. 

If you make the smart decision to buy your son a new football helmet, know that there is no better, no more innovative helmet on the market than the Xenith X2. In addition, your Xenith X2 parts will stay together during reconditioning, and the helmet’s maintenance history will be tracked by serial number, so you can have the highest level of confidence. Learn more about our One Player, One Helmet initiative.

No helmet can completely eliminate concussions or other head injuries. However, better head protection combined with education can help ensure that your son’s football experience is as healthy as possible. 

To learn more, call us at 866-888-2322. We look forward to helping you. 

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