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Heads-up: Tech to Combat Concussions

Heads-up: Tech to Combat Concussions

The drive to minimize head injuries in sports is stronger than ever, especially in football. The NFL, recognizing the importance, has put stricter player-safety rules and policies in place — but technology is catching up to offer preventive methods to combat the issue. Below are three high-tech products being tested and used in all levels of football, from Pop Warner all the way to the NFL. It should be noted that these innovations do not prevent concussions, but rather reduce the risk of head injuries. 

1. Xenith X2 football helmets

  • The idea: While former Harvard quarterback Vin Ferrara was pursuing his medical degree from Columbia University, he decided to develop better helmets in early 2004 after being shaken by a clip of hockey player Eric Lindros lying on the ice after a concussion. Ferrara is now the founder of Xenith, a company that produces advanced helmet technology. 
  • The 360: Xenith helmets use patented technology to minimize impact and head jolt. The helmet conforms to the player’s head, creating a custom fit without the need for an air pump or any other device. Notably, Xenith claims to be the only helmet manufacturer to use what the company has termed “Shock Bonnet.” This technology puts an emphasis on shock absorbers, which adapt to each blow at every impact level. 

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