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Xenith News

Xenith X2 Receives 5-Star Rating in 2013 Virginia Tech Helmet Ratings™

We are pleased to announce that the Xenith® X2™ football helmet received a 5-STAR rating, (the highest possible), in the latest Virginia Tech Helmet Ratings™ released this week. Xenith’s X2 Varsity and Youth football helmets both feature Xenith’s Adaptive Head Protection® technology, and have been worn by thousands of players at all levels, most notably by brand ambassador Ray Rice of the Super Bowl Champion Baltimore Ravens.

This independent endorsement of Xenith’s pioneering approach to head protection in football supports Xenith’s continued efforts to lead the way in the development of unique and innovative head protection for football and other contact sports, with emphasis on fit, comfort and protection.

Xenith will continue to support the work of Virginia Tech and NOCSAE in raising standards in helmet design and performance and acquiring the essential clinical data necessary to confidently predict a particular helmet’s ability to reduce concussive episodes.    

Xenith has consistently advocated a broader approach to reducing head injuries in football, in which the helmet is just one element. A comprehensive approach must include:  teaching proper tackling technique, reducing player exposures to risk, rewarding outstanding play and outstanding character rather than “big hits,” improving recognition and management of injuries, and making available the best head protection equipment at all levels of play – especially at the youth level. Xenith employs the same technology in its X2 Youth and Varsity helmets.

To see the 2013 Virgina Tech Helmet Ratings, click here.  

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