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Xenith, LLC, the Massachusetts-based football helmet manufacturer, is pleased to announce a partnership with China AFU Limited (American Football Union), a football organization located in Hong Kong, China.

AFU is committed to promoting and developing American football in Chinese universities through football coaching and training services.  AFU is leading the way and forming teams and hosting exhibition and championship level games.  AFU will help improve the skills and sportsmanship for players and teams and to increase the public interests in American football games.

AFU was founded by Ken Li, a Chinese real estate developer who attended universities in both China and North America. “We are pleased to work with a company like Xenith, who exemplify an international reputation as a leader in the head protection in football. We want our athletes to play hard and to play safe,” says Ken Li, Founder and Executive Director of AFU.

The AFU-Xenith partnership focuses on a shared effort to help develop the game of football in China while promoting safety.

“We are excited to support a visionary entrepreneur like Mr. Li and are proud that he has selected Xenith to be his helmet of choice. It is a reflection that the Xenith brand is now recognized globally and that Xenith is viewed as the leader in head protection for athletes around the world,” says Dan Brown, Xenith’s National Sales Manager.

On June 28, Chinese university sports governing body FUSC (similar to NCAA) officially approved the 1st AFU All China University American Football Coaches Training Seminar. AFU is the organizer and the venue is at Harbin University of Commerce (HUC). 

This training session was held between Aug 3 and 5, 2013.  It was a two and half day seminar during which history of American football (NFL and NCAA), offense, defense, special teams, rules and future game plan in China were presented by five U.S. coaches hired by AFU. 

Thirty invitation letters were sent out to Chinese university athletic department heads and PE teachers.  More than half responded and 14 schools attended.  Officials from FUSC and provincial education bureau also attended the event.  Local and international media were invited to report the event. Richard Young, NFL China Managing Director, and Ben Jay, Director of Athletics at Hawaii University (former AD of OSU and CFO of Ohio Buckeyes), attended the seminar and presented as guest speakers. 

Over 60 student players from two Chinese universities scrimmaged during the seminar.  This was the first ever inter-college American football game played by Chinese students.

 Of note is the participation of former USC defensive lineman Chris Barrett and former NFL player Thomas Williams. Mr. Barrett has been in China for more than three months as the first Head Coach to train the 3 Chinese university football teams.

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