History & Philosophy

Advancing Player Safety Through Innovation and Education.

Founded in 2004 by Vin Ferrara, a former Harvard quarterback and graduate of the medical and business schools at Columbia University, Xenith is helping create a new generation of Enlightened Warriors who, through product innovation and player education, can reach their highest point – both in their on-field performance and with their safety, activity, and health.

Better head protection is just one component of our comprehensive strategy for Building the Enlightened Warrior – a strategy that includes emphasis on proper technique, rule enforcement, reducing exposures to risk, as well as proper injury recognition and management. Together, these represent our vision for preserving the passion and spirit of our beloved sports, while also protecting the long-term health of those who play.

  • Innovation

    Our patented Xenith Adaptive Head Protection® system features an adaptive fit system, which adapts to the head for the best fit and comfort possible, and adaptive air-cell shock absorbers, which adapt to the hit in order to reduce the sudden movement of the head during impact.

    Our Xenith Adaptive Head Protection® is found in all Xenith football helmets, which are worn by hundreds of thousands of athletes at all levels.

  • Education

    Xenith is a leading voice in raising awareness of head injuries and a leading proponent of educational efforts to reduce the risk of these injuries. In addition to our safety and educational curriculum for athletes, parents, coaches and athletic trainers, Xenith also partners with leading organizations and individuals to help advance the development and implementation of new technology, oversight and training methods for improving player safety.

    The latest news and developments in these efforts – as well as insights, tips and product news – are available on Facebook and Twitter.

  • Enlightenment

    Because no helmet can guarantee injury prevention, and no helmet is concussion proof, the path to addressing the risk of concussion and other injuries begins where education and innovation meet.

    As the only helmet manufacturer found ed in the 21st century, Xenith has a different perspective on the best methods for improving player safety – as evidenced by our innovative product line and our ongoing dedication to education.  

Quick Hits

  • Reach Your Xenith

    Reach Your Xenith

    Our name reflects the fact that we help human beings reach their highest point [or, zenith] with regard to their safety, activity, and health.

  • The X Factor

    The ‘X’ Factor

    Our X represents the intersection of innovation and education, the cornerstones of our mission to build Enlightened Warriors

  • Home Field Advantage

    Home Field Advantage

    Based in Lowell, Massachusetts, Xenith is comprised of a talented team of over 30 employees, located around the United States. 

  • Protecting the Game

    Protecting the Game

    At our core, we are athletes, coaches, doctors, engineers, and parents who share a passion for sport and a dedication to the safety and health of the players who take the field.

  • College Educated

    College Educated

    Xenith is the only football helmet manufacturer to develop patented technology at a major university. 

  • The Next Generation

    Next Generation

    Xenith is also the only football helmet manufacturer founded in the 21st century, with the benefit of recent knowledge of head injuries, with the explicit mission of addressing the issue of head injuries.