As part of our ongoing mission to keep athletes safe, active, and healthy, Xenith partners with leading organizations, institutions and individuals to help advance the development and implementation of new technology, oversight and training methods for improving player safety.

  • Xenith partners with Snoop Youth Football League


    Xenith and Snoop Youth Football League Partner to Provide League-Wide Risk Reduction – Xenith designated as the official safety partner of the SYFL.

    Xenith partnered with Snoop Youth Football League (SYFL) in August of 2010 with the goal of delivering both innovation and education to the SYFL. The partnership provides SYFL access to Xenith’s risk reduction curriculum and educational resources for coaches and administrators to complement the helmet. Snoop Dogg, Coach and Founder of the SYFL stated, “Xenith is the future of football helmets. It is so much more convenient and safer for my kids. Not only does it look good, it feels good. My rule is if you look the part it is easy to play the part. Xenith is the official youth football helmet of the SYFL.”

    Xenith’s mission is to encourage players to educate themselves both on and off the field and to be Enlightened Warriors, similar to the vision Snoop Dogg had upon founding the SYFL six years ago. At Xenith “Our goal is to not only construct the smartest and most optimized helmet, but to also provide educational information needed to complement the helmet,” said Vin Ferrara, Xenith’s Founder and CEO. “With this strategy, everyone has a role to play. I am impressed by the level of passion and knowledge that Coach Snoop has shown for this subject and our team is very excited to work with his team.”

    The Pomona Steelers and Long Beach Browns, of the SYFL, are just two of many SYFL teams embracing Xenith. For more information on the SYFL please visit

  • Xenith partners with Coach Bobby Hosea's B.I.G H.I.T.T.S


    Xenith and Coach Bobby Hosea’s Train ‘Em Up Academy Partner to enhance safety through proper tackling technique.

    In 2009, Xenith partnered with Coach Bobby Hosea’s Train ‘Em Up Academy with the goal of providing the educational resources needed to make football safer. Train ‘Em Up Academy was founded by former Professional Football Player and UCLA Bruin Coach Bobby Hosea to help reduce the risk of head related injuries in football by eliminating head first contact during play. Coach Bobby Hosea gives players the skills needed to avoid injury and educate parents, coaches, athletic trainers, officials and athletic administrators on recognizing and preventing dangerous and unsafe tackling techniques. Coach Bobby Hosea was quoted in American Football Monthly saying "I teamed with Xenith because they impressed me with their outside-the-box thinking about safety. They’re trying to combine technology with know-how, and that’s the perfect marriage. They’ve been very open about trying to make a safer helmet, while emphasizing that technique and learning to eliminate from the head from tackling are key.”

    Coach Bobby Hosea’s Train ‘Em Up Academy is one part of Xenith’s risk reduction strategy.

  • Xenith partners with Coach of the Year Clinics


    Xenith and Nike Coach of the Year Clinics Partner to Educate Coaches –Xenith is designated the official helmet of the Nike COY Clinics

    Xenith and Nike COY partner to provide Coaches and Clinic Attendees the most up to date information on Safety, Education and Technology. Xenith will participate at each Nike COY Clinic with the newest technology in head protection. At over 21 national events, Xenith will be featured, demonstrating a holistic approach to reducing the risk of concussive episodes.

  • Xenith partners with Sports Legacy Institute


    Xenith and Sports Legacy Institute partnered in 2008 to Educate the Athletic Community on Advancements in Injury Management and Prevention.

    Xenith and Sports Legacy Institute (SLI) partnered in 2008 to provide educational information to prevent and manage brain injury. SLI’s mission is to advance the study, treatment and prevention of the effects of brain trauma in athletes and other at-risk groups while Xenith’s mission is to reduce the risk of concussive episodes by providing innovation and education. Both companies believe that there must be a holistic approach toward reducing the risk of brain injury which includes education first and foremost.

  • Xenith partners with NATA Research & Education Foundation


    Xenith donates $1 for every helmet sold to the NATA Research & Education Foundation.

    Xenith is a proud sponsor of the NATA Research & Education Foundation, and will donate $1 for every helmet sold in perpetuity to the Cantu-Guskiewizs Endowment in support of research on concussive episodes.

    Formed by two of this country’s leading authorities on brain injury, Dr. Robert Cantu and Dr. Kevin Guskiewizs, the endowment provides resources for young scholars to conduct research and reinforces Xenith’s commitment to advancing scientific understanding of concussive episodes.