The Word on Xenith

Xenith football helmets are worn by hundreds of thousands of athletes of all ages and at every level of play. See what the players, parents, and coaches who choose Xenith have to say about their experience with our innovative products and our ongoing efforts to improve player safety.

  • “Xenith Shoulder Pads Have The Cool Factor”

    Xenith shoulder pads have the cool factor. I felt the most protected in them after 13 years of playing football. 

    Dominic Raiola, Center, Detroit Lions

  • “The Xenith Helmet Is Far Superior”

    I’ve been a part of the Head and Concussions Summit the past few years, and the Xenith helmet is far superior to the rest of the helmets I’ve seen in the league. 

    Marcellus Wiley, ESPN Analyst and Former NFL Pro-Bowler

  • “It’s More Than The Game”

    Xenith’s philosophy on Building the Enlightened Warrior is not just about football, it’s about life. It’s more than the game

    Stevie “Shakespeare” Baggs, CFL All-Star

  • “A Step In The Right Direction For Player Safety”

    I am a believer in the Xenith X1 Football Helmet. It is a step in the right direction for player safety.

    Matt Birk, former ALL-PRO CENTER

  • “Different Than Any Helmet Out There”

    The Xenith X1 Football Helmet has done a really good job…it’s an interesting philosophy. It’s different than any helmet out there, but it’s all personal preference…I like it. Whatever guys can wear to help them protect themselves, then that’s all that matters.

    Dallas Clark, Former All-Pro Tight End

  • “Never Have To Worry About My Helmet Coming Off”

    I never have to worry about adjusting my chin strap or my helmet coming off during the field of play with the technology. 

    LeSean McCoy, All-Pro Running Back, Philadelphia Eagles

  • “I Won’t Lace Up My Cleats Without A Xenith Helmet”

    A Xenith helmet ensures the best safety possible when I step on the field and that’s why I won’t lace up my cleats without a Xenith helmet.

    LeSean McCoy, All-Pro Running Back, Philadelphia Eagles

  • “Looks Good. Feels Good.”

    Look at the helmet. It looks good and it feels good. And that’s the key. 

    Devin McCourty, All-Pro Safety, New England Patriots

  • “They Love The Comfort And Protection”

    We have been fortunate here at Millikin to be involved with the Xenith staff from Day #1. They have been gracious enough to allow a D-III school to be part of the design and implementation of what we feel is a tremendous contribution to the helmet industry. They have listened to our suggestions and criticisms and changed things we felt needed improvement. We currently have about 60%-70% of our players in X1 and X2 helmets. The minimal maintenance required on the helmets is a plus for small universities and high schools. Once the players wear the helmets for a short time they love the comfort and protection.

    Sam Trusner, E.M.C, Equipment Manager/Prof. of Sport Management, MILLIKEN UNIVERSITY

  • “Like Nothing They Have Worn Before”

    We have the Xenith X1 helmet on 14 players and each player has expressed their comfort and confidence in the helmet. Players have told us that the feel of the helmet is like nothing they have ever worn before. Once they have adjusted to it they would not trade it or go back to any other helmet. 

    Mike Short E.M.C., Director of Athletic Equipment, Florida Atlantic University

  • “Mile High Praise For The X1”

    I use Xenith helmets because I believe in the research and science behind its development. It provides the level of protection we need, with the ease of fit and maintenance that makes my job easier. Our players love the fit, style and comfort of the X1. Xenith’s customer service has been second to none. I would recommend the Xenith X1 to anyone looking for the latest innovation in comfort and technology in a football helmet. 

    Kris Young, Head Equipment Manager, Colorado State University

  • “Wouldn’t Trade It For Anything”

    I love it. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

    Ray Michel, NC State University Linebacker

  • “A Testament To The Fit Of The Helmet”

    The University of Illinois has been wearing Xenith helmets since 2008, and we have not had one helmet come off of a player’s head in practice or in games. A testament to the fit of the helmet.  

    Trent Chesnut, Head Equipment Manager, University of Illinois

  • “The Team Gets Fired Up Every Season We Unveil The New Xenith Helmets!”

    Xenith helmets give our players the perfect fit, which allows them to perform with more confidence, knowing they have great protection! The team gets fired up every season we unveil the new Xenith helmets!

    Coach James Williams, Thurgood Marshall High School, Missouri City, TX

  • “Love The Fit, Comfort & Style Of The Xenith Helmets”

    Our players at Angleton love the fit, comfort and style of the Xenith helmets. We now have almost every Varsity player in them. They are state-of-the-art and look great, as well. 

    Coach Ryan Roark, Angelton High School, Angelton, TX

  • “I Believe In Xenith”

    We did extensive research into the helmet industry and decided that Xenith would be the best option for our high school football players. We brought in a Xenith helmet for all of our players grades 9-12, and we were able to start seeding them into our middle school program as well. Our players and coaches enjoyed them, and their fit system makes everything easier. For year two, we have purchased enough helmets that now all of our middle school players can wear one. 

    I believe in Xenith and the results that I have seen so much so that my third grade son is wearing one in his league as well.

    Josh Smith, Head Football Coach, MICDS

  • “Our Players Play With Greater Confidence”

    In our 2 years with Xenith, We have had nothing but great experiences with the product and the service is top notch. We currently have 23 players in the Xenith helmet and have found that our players play with greater confidence knowing they have the “Best” protection for their heads and the results have been back to back Superbowl appearences and winning our 9th this past fall.

    Allan Richards CAA, Athletic Director, Northbridge Public School

  • “Comfort And Confidence”

    Several of our athletes are wearing Xenith helmets for the first time this year. They love the comfort and are more confident knowing that they’re wearing state-of-the-art helmets. We’ve been thoroughly pleased with the customer service and the concussion awareness information we’re receiving.

    Coach Paul Knox, Dorsey Dons High School, Los Angeles, CA

  • “The Technology Is The Best Option Out There”

    We have been very happy with Xenith and the X1 helmets. I believe the technology is the best option out there and the company goes to great lengths to support the helmet with proper information. I respect their approach – they bring an overall strategy, not just a football helmet. 

    Coach J.R. Tolver, The Sage Hill Lightning, Newport Beach, CA

  • “Very Impressed With The Performance”

    We at Cardinal Gibbons High School have been very impressed with the performance of the Xenith helmet. It is our hope that in the next two years we will have a full inventory of these state-of-the-art helmets. 

    Head Coach Mike Morrill, Cardinal Gibbons High School, Fort Lauderdale, FL

  • “I Am A Xenith Proponent For Life”

    I have been a coach for 16 years and have coached every level, from 7th grade to Varsity. I wholeheartedly recommend the Xenith X1 to any coach who is worried about head injuries and player safety. I am a Xenith proponent for life!

    Carl "Hank" Semler, Athletic Coordinator & Head Football Coach, North Forney High School, Forney, Texas

  • “Simply Amazing”

    I have been an EMT and Certified Athletic Trainer for over twenty years and the steps that Xenith is taking to make the sport of football safer from not only a product standpoint, but with the need for concussion awareness and education is simply amazing.

    Frank A. Mastrangelo, Head Athletic Trainer, The Dexter and Southfield Schools

  • “The Results Have Been Tremendous”

    Our entire BB&N team wore the Xenith helmets this year. The results have been tremendous. The players love them and, as the head coach, it’s comforting to know that your team wears the most advanced helmet built today. It has helped make our team better.

    John Papas, Legendary Head Football Coach

  • “X2E Helmet Is A Great Addition To Your Helmet Line”

    Your new X2E Varsity helmet is a great addition to your helmet line and a great option for football players. 

    Iwaki, High School Football Player, Mesa, AZ

  • “Provide Optimal Response For Both High And Low Energy Hits”

    Our players were better protected with the Xenith helmets, which provide the optimal response for both high and low energy hits, and linear and rotational forces. 


  • “Go With a Xenith. You Won’t Be Sorry.”

    Fantastic helmets and the customer service is top notch. I am the equipment manager for a local youth football league. Last year, instead of spending my budget on reconditioning our existing helmets I elected to shop for new ones; enter Xenith. 

    These helmets are exceptional! We did replace our entire inventory and our players, coaches, and parents all had very positive things to say about the helmets.

    If you are looking for a first rate helmet that is nicely styled, easy to maintain, and easy on the budget go with a Xenith. You won’t be sorry.

    Glenn, San Diego, CA

  • “The Ultimate Investment For Your Child In The Sport Of Football”

    With two of our sons (7&9) playing for the second year, my husband and I decided to get Xenith helmets. My sons say that the helmets are more comfortable than the ones that are issued to everyone at the beginning of the season. They absolutely love them! All of the players and coaches were asking about them, which led to some other players getting the same helmets and a coach buying one for his son!

    This is the ultimate investment for your child in the sport of football!

    Cheles Johnson, Frankfort, IL

  • “The Helmets Have Performed On The Field”

    I played at the college level and have coached youth football for 8 years. In that time I hadn’t notice a significant change in football helmets. I had researched the Xenith helmets a few years ago and was impressed with the technology. This year our POP WARNER organization asked if our team would be willing to wear the Xenith helmets. We agreed. The helmets have performed on the field and the players love them because they fit and stay in the correct position and they perform. Not one complaint about the helmet not fitting or that the helmet hurts. I had concerns that our 14 year old kids would want the familiar brand of helmets, but after the first practice not one player wanted to switch. Keep up the good work, your pursuit of a better helmet will help the football industry move forward. Thank you.

    David Matthews, Salem, Oregon

  • “This Is The Helmet I Want My Son Wearing”

    Thank you so much for all your thoughtful effort and hard work to make such a great piece of equipment. I think that with this helmet and proper tackling technique my son could have a long and very enjoyable football career.

    Andrew Queen, Washington, NH

  • “Xenith Deserves All The Accolades”

    Not only was the helmet better for protection, but it looked great and fit like a comfortable glove. Soon I began seeing better helmets show up during the season and could only believe that, like me, other fathers wanted to protect their sons from injury.

    It is an important trend. I’m glad that Xenith has set the trend. They deserve all the accolades they get.

    Rob Graham, St. George, Utah, Dixie Flyers 6th & 7th Grade

  • “My Goal Is To Put Every Player In A Xenith Helmet”

    As a Coach of over 25 years, I have seen the game change drastically. While lots of effort went into everything else, the helmet has remained the same for the past several decades. When Xenith came out with their line of new, state-of-the-art helmets, I was skeptical, but Xenith made me a believer. My son will only wear Xenith from now on and, now I am the president of his youth football association, it is my goal to put every player in a Xenith helmet.

    Coach Kip, President, Otay Ranch Broncos

  • “The Future of Football Helmets”

    Xenith is the future of football helmets. It is so much more convenient and safer for my kids. Not only does it look good, it feels good. My rule is if you look the part it is easy to play the part. Xenith is the official helmet of the SYFL.

    Snoop Dogg, Coach and Founder of the SYFL

  • “Our Players Play With Greater Confidence”

    In our 2 years with Xenith, We have had nothing but great experiences with the product and the service is top notch. We currently have 23 players in the Xenith helmet and have found that our players play with greater confidence knowing they have the “Best” protection for their heads and the results have been back to back Superbowl appearences and winning our 9th this past fall.

    Allan Richards CAA, Athletic Director, Northbridge Public School

  • “They Are Terrific”

    Football helmet design has gotten a lot better. The Xenith X1 is a great example. My son wears one, they are terrific.

    Trey Wingo, ESPN NFL Primetime Anchor

  • “Best Of The Best”

    As you all know, fitting kids into helmets is a chore. When you’re dealing with kids from 2nd grade through 8th there are numerous head sizes and shapes. After months of research I deemed the Xenith as the helmet for our program. It was a beautiful sight watching 120+ kids starting practice this year in the best of the best helmets out there.

    Coach Andy San Filippo, Junior Colts Football, Kinnelon, NJ

  • “Xenith Helmets Not Only Provide Safety, But Also Confidence”

    My son has worn a Xenith for two seasons now and refuses to even try going back to a different brand. He says Xenith is the most comfortable and safest feeling helmet. So it not only provides him safety, but also confidence. 

    Jose, Xenith Parent, Oklahoma

  • “Only Helmet I Ever Want On Their Heads”

    My boys have been protected by Xenith for 4 years. Only helmet I ever want on their heads. Also a big confidence booster for the boys.

    Sean, Virginia Beach, Virginia