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2020 NFL Helmet Test Results Released: ALL Xenith Helmets are Top-Performing

2020 NFL Helmet Test Results Released: ALL Xenith Football Helmets are Top-Performing

As many of you know, the National Football League released their 2020 Helmet Laboratory Testing Performance Results this week. In 2020, Xenith continues our legacy of producing exclusively Top-Performing helmets with our newest flagship helmet, Xenith Shadow XR, leading the pack. Xenith X2E+ and Xenith Shadow round out the Top-Performing Xenith portfolio representing a full spectrum of price points with no sacrifice in quality. Xenith is the only helmet company that ONLY makes Top-Performing helmets that meet the highest lab criteria and are ready to be worn on the field – a commitment we make to our football community to elevate their pursuit. All of our helmets are also 5-star rated on the Virginia Tech Helmet Ratings.
Learn more about what these tests measure and what the measurements mean HERE.
Xenith Shadow XR orders have already been reserved by the Seattle Seahawks, Philadelphia Eagles, Denver Broncos, Los Angeles Chargers, Michigan State University, University of Michigan, Notre Dame, Auburn, Missouri, NC State, Baylor, and more.
When speaking with our Vice President of Product Innovation, Grant C. Goulet, PhD, he said, “We are pleased to see our efforts, along with contributions from our great partners, usher in a new upper echelon of helmet performance in 2020. With Xenith Shadow XR and RHEON energy control, we’ve established a strong platform upon which to innovate and continue to evolve what is possible in helmets and body protection.”
Designed for NFL, collegiate, and high school football athletes, Xenith Shadow XR redefines energy control and is the most intelligent, balanced, and comfortable football helmet in the game. Utilizing all new shocks featuring RHEON™ energy control cells, Xenith Shadow XR takes Xenith’s core technology and elevates its capabilities to the next level. Learn more about Xenith Shadow XR, designed for the brightest lights and the biggest plays, HERE.
Xenith Shadow XR’s low profile and balanced feel gives athletes maximum on-field performance allowing for controlled movement and greater agility. The thoughtful distribution of RHEON™ shocks, together with integrated RHEON™ jaw shocks allow for a uniform, even fit and optimal comfort.
Xenith Shadow XR is also the most durable helmet on the market. We independently tested its durability by simulating 10,000 impacts and there was zero degradation in performance from impact #1 to impact #10,000. Xenith Shadow XR’s novel polymer shell, also found in Xenith Shadow, was developed with material science experts BASF and changes the game as compared to lesser helmet materials used by many Xenith competitors. It is also 10% lighter than traditional shell materials and allows for large vents at the front and rear of the shell increasing airflow and breathability. When our same durability test was performed on certain competing helmets, the degradation in performance was already noticeable by impact #3.
In Xenith Shadow XR we collaborated with RHEON™ to create a unique energy control cell that cushions low-speed impacts, but intelligently strengthens for high-speed impacts. These RHEON™ cells were designed to compress and shear to optimally control energy from a range of impact types; theycompress to absorb linear impact and shear to control rotational impact energy, reducing the resulting acceleration of the head. The RHEON™ material is also antimicrobial, demonstrates virtually zero difference in performance based on climate (say goodbye to air bladders that become hard in cold weather!), has cooling capabilities, and is self-healing.
As mentioned, Xenith also only produces exclusively 5-star rated helmets on the Virginia Tech Helmet Rankings. Currently, Xenith Shadow XR Youth is the #1 Youth Helmet, and Xenith Shadow XR Varsity is the #2 Varsity Helmet coming in almost a half a pound lighter than the #1 helmet.
In addition to vital laboratory criterium, we utilize an athlete-centric design philosophy to address the specific practical needs of the athlete on the field. Xenith prioritizes comfort, fit, and agility, and goes to extreme lengths to eliminate pressure points and hot spots so the athlete can be focused on the game at hand without distractions.
At Xenith, we are thrilled to usher in a new post-shock era as we forge ahead with partners RHEON™ and BASF for future innovation and we can’t wait to show you what we are working on.
We know you have come to expect excellence and leading innovation from our team, and we will continue to prove you right. Stay tuned!

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