An athlete sitting against a wall resting after a workout.
5 At-Home Football Workouts for Developing Speed in Athletes


Regardless of what position you play, developing speed is imperative in the game of football. Generating quick bursts of speed requires your quads, hamstrings, hips & glutes to be able to produce a strong force into the ground to get you moving.

The key for the below exercises is to focus in on those specific muscle groups to allow for a quick acceleration when the whistle blows.

Put some music on, find some space and let’s get after it.

Here's an overview of the workout to follow along at home:

- Fast Feet Switch

- High Knees

- Fast Feet Burpees

- Fast Feet Side Touch

- Toe Taps

Run these exercises in various length rounds to continue to challenge yourself.

Incorporating these workouts into your daily routine is a great first step to making sure you stay on track for when the season finally arrives. Remember, the season is won in the offseason, no matter the outside circumstances. By focusing on what you can control as an athlete, you’ll be primed for success and ready to adapt to whatever the season throws your way.

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