5 At-Home Workouts for Building Explosiveness in Football Players
5 At-Home Workouts for Building Explosiveness in Football Players

It takes a very dynamic football player to excel on the field, no matter their position. Running Backs and Defensive Linemen alike all need to possess a number of athletic qualities in order to rise above their peers on the football field. 


Explosiveness is one key attribute that will help any football player in their pursuit of greatness. From quickly getting out of a 3-point stance, to excelling through a tackle, explosiveness can help set apart the good football players from the great. 


Additionally, explosiveness training can help aid in your strength pursuits, as the more force you can create, the more absolute weight you'll be able to move. 


Now is a great time to focus on explosiveness because it can be more easily developed without access to gym equipment, unlike strength development which greatly benefits from access to weights and equipment. 


The below exercises are designed to help improve hip flexibility and strengthen core, quads, calves, hamstring, and glutes. 


Make sure you incorporate these drills into your weekly training routine.

4 Rounds

- Pushup to low squat - 20 reps 

- Mario jumps - 15 each leg - 30 total

- Pushup burpees - 20 total

- Surfer jumps - 15 each leg - 30 total

- Lunge jumps - 10 each leg - 20 total


The key here is to treat each rep with the same level of importance and attention as the first. With maximum output on each rep, you'll be building explosiveness, which is the goal. Simply going through the motions and trying to get through the set will develop great conditioning, but that's not the main goal here. Put everything you have into every rep. 


August will be here before you know it, and it's up to you to put in the work now in order to hit the ground running when the season starts. Keep grinding and keep your eyes on the season. 


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