A football player touches the goal line while running agility drills.
5 At-Home Workouts for Developing Agility in Football Players

In football, it's often said, "speed kills." However, speed without agility is like a race car without a steering wheel; you can go fast in a straight line, but that won't help you much on the track (or on the football field). We've already covered some great at-home workouts to develop speed, so now we're going to focus on workouts for developing agility.

Lateral movement such as jump cuts, quick change of direction, and navigating the field when there are 21 other athletes with their own objective for each play can be much easier when you have developed your agility. 

These workouts for developing agility will focus on three key factors for youth and varsity football players: change of direction, balance, and the ability to quickly stop momentum. 

Doing the following at-home workouts correctly and consistently will ensure you are light on your feet and able to master your body control at an elite level. 

Here's an overview of the workout to follow along at home: 

- Lateral movement

- Hands on wall - high needs

- 2 shuffle burpees - repeat

- Fast feet burpees

- Fast feet side touch 

4 Rounds/45 Seconds Each

This is not to discount the importance of speed. But if speed is king in football, speed and agility is the whole dynasty.

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