DEEP DIVE on the Xenith Shadow XR Football Helmet
DEEP DIVE on the Xenith Shadow XR Football Helmet
Xenith football helmets set themselves apart in many ways. The launch of Xenith Shadow XR marks the greatest leap forward in innovation since our first helmet with the addition of RHEON intelligence to our core adaptive fit technology.

Join Xenith VP of Product Innovation, Grant C. Goulet, PhD, National Sales Director, Tom Mercer, and Design Director, Matthew McPhail, as they discuss the ins and outs of Xenith Shadow XR, its superior balance and comfort, and the incredible capabilities of RHEON technology.

Topics We Covered:

- Xenith's Custom Fit Helmet Technology

- Better Balance Makes Xenith Football Helmets Top-Performing and Comfortable 

- Xenith Shadow XR Durability

- How to Take Care of Your Helmet using Xenith's All-Inclusive, No Hidden Fees Reconditioning Program

- The Biggest Advancement in Xenith Helmet Technology

- Xenith Shadow XR Climate Performance 

- The #1 Rated Youth Football Helmet on the Virginia Tech Helmet Youth Ratings - Xenith Shadow XR Youth

Watch this space for additional webinars as we engage Xenith team members, coaches, and other community partners and experts across the football space.

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