Close up of Xenith Gloves and Xenith LOOP sitting on turf.
Xenith's Gridiron Gear Essentials

Football demands a lot from you. It requires discipline, determination, and a lot of grit to make it to game day. So, here’s our challenge for you going into this next season: KEEP SHOWING UP.

Starting with offseason weight training – keep showing up. Those grueling summer two-a-days – keep showing up. It doesn’t matter which day of the week you play on, what your team’s record is, or what anybody else is doing – you just keep showing up. Do this throughout your entire season and it will pay HUGE dividends and help separate you from the competition. Get this season started on the right foot by shopping Xenith's Gridiron Gear Essentials below, including extra accessories that can help elevate your game.

Game Day Bag

Between classes, practices and on game day, hauling your gear around during football season can be a pain. This season, get Xenith's new 35L Backpack to take you and your football gear from school, to the locker room, the field, and anywhere else you're going.

A football player walking away from the camera onto a football field wearing a Xenith Backpack.

Back Plates

Xenith back plates are designed to provide extra lower back protection for athletes of all ages, but players also wear them to add to their style on the field. Xenith offers two varying styles of back plates - the Xflection Back Plate, with a more ergonomic shape that provides more coverage to the low back region, and the Elite Back Plate, which features a sleek, updated design that more players prefer.

Head Protection

Combining athlete insights and an unprecedented level of in-play research on the incidental head impacts that 7v7 and non-tackle football athletes typically experience, Xenith LOOP is top-rated in safety and the most comfortable 7v7 and non-tackle headgear on the market.

And of course, Xenith's 5-star rated Adult and Youth helmets are built for the field and designed to improve wearability for the ultimate in protection, comfort, and performance all season long.

A football player wearing Xenith LOOP kneeling on the ground.

Football Pants

Football pants have a reputation for being stiff and uncomfortable, especially after you jam all the pads inside those small pockets that do a bad job of holding them in place where protection is needed. Xenith's Integrated Pants solve this issue, providing a better fit and better protection with padding shape and positioning that has been optimized for performance and validated by athlete feedback. 

Football Gloves

Make the game winning play with confidence knowing your gear will perform when it counts. Xenith Precision Receiver Gloves provide a superior grip so you can make every play no matter what the elements throw at you. We also offer padded gloves for defensive players, or those who do most of their work in the trenches. (Both gloves come available in youth sizes.)

Close up of a player putting on Xenith Precision Receiver Gloves.