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How Do Football Helmets Work?

The all-new Xenith Shadow Helmet

Football helmets have evolved over the years, from leather, all the way to today's more complicated designs and materials used.

Modern football helmets consist of a hard exterior and soft interior.

A helmet’s exterior has a metal facemask mounted to a specially designed hard plastic shell. This hard exterior disperses impacts over the entire head, instead of just one spot. This helps to prevent injuries like skull fractures, broken noses, and other facial injuries.

On the inside, helmets have padding and other flexible material. Like a gymnastics mat, these pads soften and slow down impacts before they reach the skull. They also provide a proper, comfortable fit.

Xenith helmets feature a shock matrix system, which allows the shell and shock absorbers to move independently, reducing both linear and rotational forces. To see how the Xenith system works, watch the Xenith Innovation Video, featuring Director of Product Development Kyle Lamson.

Football helmets are scientifically tested for how well they soften impacts and they must meet the standards set by the National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE). All Xenith helmets comply with NOCSAE standards.

Other organizations also test helmet performance and publish recommendations, such as the National Football League and Virginia Tech University. 100% of Xenith helmets are ranked in the Top-Performing Group on the NFL Lab Testing and 5-Star Rated on the Virginia Tech Helmet Testing Standards.

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For more information on helmet safety: CDC - Get a Heads Up on Football Helmet Safety

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