Close up of football player with back turned throwing the ball.
HOW TO: Get Xenith Equipment at the Next Level

It's a common misconception that football players are required to wear certain equipment because the team is "sponsored," or has a contractual agreement with a brand. However, that's not actually the case. In this article, we'll talk about how players can get Xenith equipment at the next level. The goal is to inform players who are transitioning from high school to college and let them know they - likely - have options when choosing their equipment, and more often than not, their team's equipment manager will help them get the gear they want and fits them the best.

Power Five

First, it's worth noting that scenarios may vary from school to school when making equipment requests. For example; most equipment managers working in the Power Five conferences (ACC, Big Ten, Big 12, PAC-12 and SEC) will ask incoming players what they wore in the past, or what they want to wear for the upcoming season, and they'll often make it happen for them.

Football player catching a pass.


At the FCS level, equipment requests can be a little more hit-and-miss, whereas unless you are a top recruit or the star quarterback, you might be limited to what the team already has in their inventory. Now, this doesn't necessarily mean you're out of luck. In this instance, if you KNOW you want to wear a Xenith helmet or shoulder pads rather than what the team offers, we recommend you talk with your team's equipment manager(s) and explain why you prefer Xenith equipment. From there, our sales team can work with them to bring Xenith helmets/shoulder pads into their equipment rooms so athletes have a broader selection of gear to choose from.

Ask Your Equipment Manager

The main takeaway here is that players transitioning from high school to college are often unaware they CAN ASK to bring in certain equipment for them to wear, it's just a matter of working with the team's equipment manager to make that jump with them. Whether it's the fit of the helmet, or you feel more confident wearing Xenith shoulder pads, they will try to get the gear that you feel comfortable in.

So, if you wore Xenith in high school and want to continue at the next level, or if you're just interested in seeing how Xenith equipment fits you, contact so our sales team can follow up to assist you!