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Own the Season: A Comprehensive Approach to Summer Training

With only a few weeks left before pre-season football camps kick into gear, many athletes are honing in on their training to make sure they are fully-equipped and ready to hit the ground running when August 1st arrives. If you’ve been training all summer, keep getting after it to make sure you’re ready for a successful season. If you’re late to the party, the below guide will give a brief overview of the proper training protocols for these last few weeks before training camp begins.




No matter a football player’s position, weightlifting is the foundation for building power and strength that transfers to the football field. Additionally, weightlifting subjects your body to external stressors that are essential to build up your joints and muscles in order to prevent injury on the field and perform at the top of your game over a long football season.

Big, complex movements such as the squat, deadlift, overhead press, bench press, pull-up, and bent over rows are extremely important to build a strong foundation for an athlete’s pursuit of the game. Read our “Top 4 Lifts for Building Foundational Strength in Football Players” for an in depth look at our tops picks to help you build your strength foundation.

Football players train for the upcoming season on the bench press.

Players build their strength on the bench press in the Xenith Foundation Badge Tee and X-Camo Gaiter


Field Drills


In the game of football, speed kills, so it’s important for any football player to improve their mobility, ability to change direction, top speed, and acceleration in their training if they want to stand out amongst a competitive football landscape. Field drills such as ladder drills, cone drills, and plyometric drills will help improve all of the above facets of your game.

If you’re not sure where to start, checkout our blog, “9 Essential Training Drills to Prepare for Next Football Season” for specific details on how to set up these drills and get ready to fly around the field like a banshee.


Football player performs ladder drill to improve agility before the season begins.A player performs ladder drills to improve speed and agility while wearing Xenith training gear, including the Momentum Compression Tights and Momentum Training Tee


Position Specific Drills


All that speed, power, and strength will mean nothing if you can’t properly transition it to a game-time situation. This is where position specific drills come into play. They will vary from position to position, but are crucial to making sure you show up to camp ready to ball. Some position specific drills are below:


Running Backs - Ball security drills, 4 cone drills, bag drills

Quarter Backs - Pocket pressure drills, ball security drills, footwork drills

Wide Receivers - Juggs machine, release drills, hand-eye-coordination drills

Offensive Linemen - Hand fighting drills, footwork drills, blocking drills

Linebackers - Bag drills, read and react drills, pass coverage drills

Defensive Backs - Cone drills (emphasis on backpedal/break drills), interception drills, press coverage                                 drills

Defensive Linemen - Pass rush drills, hand fighting drills, footwork drills, stance and start drills


UA All-America defensive back puts in work at practice.A defensive back from the 2019 UA All-America Bowl performs a backpedaling drill in the Xenith Shadow 


Conditioning Drills


Oh, the dreaded conditioning. This is every football player’s least favorite part of any training program, but it is undoubtedly the most important. Any football player who’s been through a training camp knows the challenges to come, and showing up out of shape will leave you a step behind your competition. Remember, strength, skill, and speed will win you games, but proper conditioning will ensure you can finish off your opponent in the 4th quarter and make a run at the coveted State Championship.

For some basic conditioning drills that will get you ready for camp, check out our blog, “9 Essential Training Drills to Prepare for Next Football Season” to get started.


Football team performing conditioning sprints.Players from Gruver High School are no strangers to conditioning - seen here performing sprints to prepare for the upcoming season




Football season is so close, we can almost taste it. When the sun begins to rise on that first two-a-day in August, be ready to take the field with confidence and perform at the top of your game with the above training protocols. You have dreams of winning a state championship? Of getting an All-State honor? Of playing at the next level?

It starts here.


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