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Own Your Journey to Gameday with Xenith Training Apparel

From Training to Gameday

For over 10 years Xenith has given athletes the confidence to perform at their best by making the most innovative helmets on the field. Now, with Xenith Training Apparel, we’ve expanded our offering and created products for athletes whose commitment to the game is deliberate and comprehensive.

football players in black and white jerseys in Xenith World Bowl uniforms with athlete in Xenith training tee walking into gym
Model wears Xenith Foundation Badge Tee

Daily commitment to your body and mind leads to confidence, and at Xenith, we call that commitment the journey. For athletes who own their journey to gameday, who are intentional about everything from the workouts they choose to the shorts they wear, our training apparel is for you.

"But I thought you guys were a 'helmet company?'” We are, and we’re proud of it. Our helmets will continue to be in the top-performing group in NFL laboratory testing. Our helmets will continue to receive the highest rating, 5-stars, on Virginia Tech Testing. Helmets and protective gear are core to what we do, but, ultimately, we are a company who designs for the whole athlete.

athlete in black xenith foundation badge tee with chalk on his hands with football player in white xenith helmet with football gloves
From the Gym to the Field

In striving to know and understand those needs we realized we could fill a gap. Using superior fabrics and innovative construction designed to maximize range-of-motion, durability, and comfort Xenith Training Apparel unlocks an athlete’s full potential in playing, training, and living. We will continue to meet and exceed your needs with Xenith Training Apparel, designed so you can Own Your Journey to Gameday.

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