A man handing out Xenith football helmets to football players.
Xenith, Packers Donate Xenith Football Helmets to Local Green Bay High School Football Teams

The Green Bay Packers selected four Wisconsin high school varsity football teams to be awarded brand new Xenith Shadow Varsity helmets as part of the Packers Give Back program. 

Each school received 45 donated Xenith helmets, and were treated to a surprise appearance by Packers alumnus Jarrett Bush.

A group of high school football players wearing Xenith Shadow football helmets.

Over 100 coaches and athletic directors submitted applications for the donated helmets. Many of the schools demonstrated great need for new, quality, equipment in order to conduct their program at the level they know their athletes require and deserve.

The recipient schools include: Milwaukee Marshall High School, Milwaukee Riverside University High School, Richland Center High School and Waukesha North High School

Thank you to Green Bay for asking Xenith to be a part of this opportunity to give back to the Packer community. 

A football player getting fitted for a new helmet.Varsity high school athletes sitting in a gym listening to a Xenith sales rep speak.