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Staying on Track for Football Season During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Xenith Family, 


This is an unprecedented time in football and the entire world-- we are all feeling that as the COVID-19 situation continues to develop. It's frustrating, it's alarming, it's changing up our schedules, it's keeping us home, it's requiring us to think differently and work harder to achieve our goals. 


Xenith is in this with you-- whether you are an athlete, a coach, a parent, or any participant in the football community. We are navigating this unknown territory together, and while we all adjust to a very different reality, we have your back. We are here to help you come back even sharper when next season starts-- to ELEVATE YOUR PURSUIT and #WinYourHomeGame. While others are stuck, we will be working together to set ourselves apart. We see opportunity; an opportunity to run while others sit; to go while others wait; to adapt while others waver. 


We will work together to keep your head in the game with all the content you need to stay ready for the season:

- Training

- Nutrition

- Recruiting preparation

- Time management

- Mental mindset

- Leading a team in a digital environment

- Tactics to keep up morale

- Live webinars for motivation/tips/questions

- Much more


Keeping the Xenith team and our community healthy and safe is our top priority during these unprecedented times. We believe we can protect ourselves and each other, and rise to these unique challenges at the same time. Watch this space for tons of action while we tackle this brand-new football landscape together. 


Stay healthy, and let's GO. 




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