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The Come Up Presented by Xenith Battlefield Season 2 Overview


“In life you get dealt a certain hand, your circumstances can vary from anywhere. The deciding factor is going to be who is going to work the hardest and who is going to keep getting back up.” Alex Ward.


Sitting just outside of Washington D.C., the Battlefield Football team is re-building something special. After an 18 year playoff streak which was broken last year, the team needed to refocus and get a fresh perspective. When the long-time head coach opted for retirement, the Bobcats decided to seek out a dynamic, inspiring leader to build a stronger culture within the program.


Enter Scott Girolmo. Young, high energy, and empathetic, Coach Girolmo had all the ingredients Battlefield was looking for. Likewise, Scott knew the potential opportunity in front of him and decided to swing for the fences.


“From an outsider’s perspective, it looked like there was a little bit of need for a consistent and long-term voice for the program, and I thought ‘I have all the ingredients that you would want for a head coach.’”


Scott is building this culture on the back of his coined phrase “Lead the Charge.”


Although it’s never easy to enter a program and turn things around on a dime, Coach Girolmo has accepted the challenge and is excited about what he’s building with his players.


With intention, diligence, and grit, Girolmo has encouraged buy in from his team, and a few key leaders in particular.


Ryan Schumann, a Junior Middle Linebacker for the Bobcats, shares his understanding of the “Lead the Charge” ethos. “Lead the charge really means that it’s not gonna’ be easy, but you can’t wait for somebody else to step up. You have to be the one that’s gonna’ give it 100%, and you have to be the one that’s gonna’ lay it all on the line.”


Girolmo is bringing about real change, as the players feel he is a positive driving force for the Bobcats. With intention in his actions, he’s created a bond amongst the team that transcends their time on the field. Even going as far to invite the offensive linemen to his house for dinner and film sessions every week, Girolmo is building a brotherhood.


Senior Inside Linebacker, Alex Ward, discusses the changes he’s seeing within the program so far, “This year I definitely feel like it’s more about the team and the relationships we have with each other rather than just the football.”


Success in football lies much deeper than being the most talented or hardest working on the field. Powerhouse teams are built with chemistry, proper communication, and trust. Coach Girolmo is forging his own powerhouse program with these fires, and he won’t stop until the Bobcats complete their circle.


“Courage, compassion, and character is what we’re all about.” -Head Coach Scott Girolmo


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