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The Come Up Presented by Xenith Grant Season 2 Overview


“Grant Football stands for winning, it stands for toughness, it stands for overcoming.”  Head Coach Mike Alberghini


To the general public, California is known as the Golden State. But to those involved in the high football landscape, California is the breeding ground for the top high school athletes and teams in the nation.


California is one of the most demanding and highly competitive landscapes for a football team to be successful. Grant Union High School out of Sacramento witnesses this first-hand. As a team with a history of success and championships, the Pacers recently find themselves in a spell of tough luck. Playing in a demanding atmosphere, the Pacers understand that being able to compete is only half the battle.

Isaiah Tupou, a senior offensive lineman believes in Grant’s value of hard work, and the success it can bring if executed properly. “Nothing is given, everything is earned, and you have to work hard for everything you want.”


Isaiah’s female teammate, Jordan Davis, has a similar view. Although Davis is one of the only female players in the area, she is one of the more talented kickers in the league. She’s a senior now, but recalls being in middle school and playing flag football for the first time. Although it wasn’t what was expected of her at the time, she realized she wanted to take her love for football to the next level and play for Grant Union High School. In the midst of facing some unfavorable opinion for pursuing a male dominated sport, Davis unwaveringly kept her course. “Anything you put your mind to, you can do it, regardless of who is in the way, what obstacles you have to go through. You still can accomplish what you want to accomplish if you put your mind to it.”


Not only has Davis’s trailblazing mentality afforded her a scholarship to West Point Military Academy next year, but her example has had a positive effect on her teammates. Tupou says that Davis suiting up with the Pacers and making a name for herself in the sport of football motivates him every day.


The Grant Union Pacers might be in a tough landscape, but they have a team with steadfast grit and the will to overcome. That will, coupled with hard work and relentless perseverance are the building blocks necessary for the Pacers to return to the throne.


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