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The Come Up Presented by Xenith IMG Academy Season 2 Overview


IMG Academy. The name resonates across many different circles, especially the football community. Up and coming players dream of playing for the team, and college coaches know it’s ground zero for building a successful college football program.


Relatively new to IMG Academy, the program started in 2010 but didn’t start competing until 2013. In the short 7 years following, the football program has made a name for itself as one of the top high school football programs in the nation.


IMG has become a proving ground for future college athletes because of their focus on emulating the D1 experience. Pulling in the best players from across the country, the program molds these already talented players into D1 ready athletes. By doing so, IMG creates the opportunity for their players to not only make it to the next level of their academic and athletic career, but to thrive in it. Everything from practice to class mimics what an athlete will experience once they step onto a college campus.


In their pursuit of getting players to the next level, IMG has been wildly successful. The last 7 quarterbacks from IMG have stepped into a starting role at a power 5 team. DJ Boney, a Junior quarterback hopes to keep that streak alive. When a previous starting quarterback is sidelined, Boney seizes the opportunity in front of him. With a focus on improving his time management to excel on the field, Boney takes his performance to the next level and solidifies his spot.

“It actually didn’t hit me until a couple of players kept saying, ‘Man, you’re starting QB at IMG.’” Boney says, “I’m here for a reason, I’m here to take care of business.”

 In addition to the on field challenges, IMG football players face a tough academic curriculum.

This academic curriculum is another major aspect for preparing the athletes for the next level. Students who attend IMG are granted access to state-of-the-art resources that help them to perform at their very best. The curriculum is specifically structured to provide students with everything a university level educational program would provide and more. In addition to focusing on college prep academics, IMG laces personal-growth and leadership support into everything they offer. Students are being taught how to think critically, solve problems, and lead in a rapidly changing world.

 Some may wonder how any typical high school kid could keep up with all that is expected in such a high-performing, innovative environment such as the one IMG Academy offers. The simple fact is that there is nothing typical about the individuals that attend this elite boarding school.

“It takes a special kid to come here and to thrive.” Head Coach Kevin Wright explains, "Everything you do is to get to the next level.” 

While the athletes receive plenty of motivation and support from the coaching staff as well as the teaching staff, they don’t necessarily need it. The type of student that attends IMG is a self-starter, willing to put in the extra effort from the start. The IMG Ascenders continuously beat their competition due to proper preparation and high performance. They operate on a level that most football programs only dream of. When it comes to their pursuit of perfection, the Ascenders are unrelenting and unceasing, and they don’t seem to be letting up any time soon.


The official helmet for the IMG Ascenders is the Xenith Shadow.

Check out some more of the Ascenders' favorite gear below: 

Xenith Element Skill




Xenith Element Hybrid 




Xenith Element Lineman





Watch more of The Come Up here.


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