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The Come Up Presented by Xenith Cass Tech Season 2 Overview


“Without this Cass Tech program, I don't know where I would really be. This program really changed me for the better. I'm blessed to be a part of it, and I'm blessed to be a part of this sport of football.”

-Daniel Wynn- Team Captain



Cass Technical high school has one of the more storied football programs, with a history of winning and legacy in Detroit that spans years. This history of success is no doubt due in-part to long-time head coach, Thomas Wilcher. Wilcher has been a driving force in the success of the Cass Tech Football Program since 1997. Since his time at the helm, Wilcher has emphasized the need to pour into his players in a way that positively impacts their lives on and off the football field.


Recognizing that growing up in today’s day and age is no easy task, Wilcher knows the task he’s taken on to grow young men and women, “You have to recognize that you are the one that can change their life. You are the one they came to, regardless of what happened, they’re here. So embrace them.”


This spirit of embrace has fostered a unique atmosphere amongst Cass tech players. This culture of giving back to each other is not only present from coach to player, but can be seen from the players interactions with each other.



Although this sense of brotherhood runs deep among all of the teammates, for Kalen and Kobe King, it’s as real as it gets. Not only are Kalen and Kobe brothers, they’re twins; and two of the most respected leaders on the team. The twins, who plan to eventually play at the next level together, work hard to keep the Cass Tech name respected. One of the brothers, Kobe, feels a strong connection to the team’s history. After naming off a few NFL players who previously attended the Detroit high school, Kobe shares his perspective on the Cass Tech Football Program. “A family... Everyone's a family and everyone that has come before us, we're still connected.” Having this deep connection to a tradition of excellence is a key motivator that allows the Technicians to face challenges head on, on and off the field.



Coach Wilcher, having had a successful college and even NFL career, understands what it takes to effectively lead young athletes through their own successes and failures, in addition to the team’s. 



Coach Wilcher and Cass Tech know that in order to perform at a high level, minimizing distractions is a must.

The Cass Technician's helmet of choice is the Xenith X2E+

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