A RHEON Technology Cell and Pad displayed on a Xenith branded background..
What is RHEON Technology & How is it Making Football Helmets Safer?

You have probably heard about Xenith utilizing RHEON Technology to build football helmets, but what exactly is RHEON Technology and how does it make football equipment safer?

First, the name originates from the branch of physics "Rheology" - a unique discipline exploring the flow of matter and how that matter reacts when force is applied to it.

The magic behind this technology is its extremely high strain-rate sensitivity. Meaning, it activates to control energy from very small vibrations to life-threatening single impacts. This gives products such as Xenith's Shadow XR helmet unique reactive properties that can control energy in ways the game has not seen before.

Intelligent Energy Control

RHEON™ technology dissipates energy dynamically. You will notice RHEON™ technology appears soft and flexible when in its natural state, but it will quickly strengthen on impact to dissipate more energy than conventional static materials.

This property also provides a breakthrough for applications where flexibility and movement are paramount but high levels of energy control are a must.

Here's what Stephen Bates, CEO, RHEON Labs said about energy control:

"Why do we talk about energy control at RHEON LABS? In effect what you’re doing if you change the shape of a chemical dilatant (strain-rate sensitive material) is breaking bonds at a molecular level. That requires energy. If that energy is coming from impact or vibration then you are going to use up or absorb some of that energy, and you – the user – won’t feel it anymore. If that’s in a glove or a helmet, it’s going to give your product some attractive characteristics."

RHEON Technology x Shadow XR

For the design of Shadow XR, Xenith collaborated with RHEON to integrate a castle-shaped Shock underneath the shell of the helmet that delivers energy control across a wide spectrum of impact intensities - and a wide range of temperatures, as well.

Utilizing RHEON's re-entrant geometries, the Shadow XR provides a breakthrough in performance, allows airflow close to the head and reduces weight. Delivering the most intelligent, balanced, and comfortable football helmet in the game.

The Big Picture

Football helmets have evolved tremendously through the years and there's no end in sight. Currently, there's a big push for "position specific" helmets featuring varying levels of protection to withstand the force of impacts experienced at different positions.

That's the benefit of our Shadow XR helmet. Combined with RHEON™ technology, Shadow XR optimally controls energy from the handful of severe impacts an athlete might experience in a career, to the hundreds - potentially thousands - of lower-level hits they’ll experience in a season. 

In other words: Shadow XR is not just a "position specific" helmet. Shadow XR is built specifically for all football players.