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Xenith Announces The Inaugural Scientific Advisory Board


Last week, Xenith announced the formation of its inaugural Scientific Advisory Board. Made up of independent experts in athlete health and wellness, neurology, biomechanics, and sport technology, the Scientific Advisory Board will contribute to Xenith’s continued development of products at the forefront of innovation. The Board’s input will help to shape Xenith’s Design and Engineering processes.


Xenith helmet being run through impact testing.A Xenith Shadow helmet being run through impact testing; All Xenith helmets are ranked in the Top-Performing Group by NFL Laboratory tests and are 5-Star Rated by Virgina Tech Helmet Testing.


In order to continue pushing the limits of designing athlete-centric products and gear, Xenith strives to advance in scientific research by generating opportunities to better understand the evolution of body and head health. Some of the critical health topics include brain development and the nature of head impacts in youth sport. These efforts are supported by experts from leading research institutions such as the University of Michigan, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, and others. Having an esteemed board of advisors will help Xenith continue to lead the charge in creating the most advanced helmets, gear, and training apparel in the football industry.


Players celebrating at the 2018 World Bowl Game.Players wearing the Xenith Shadow and X2E+ celebrate following an interception at the 2018 World Bowl Game.


Xenith will present the academic findings at various meetings throughout 2019, and will host a “State of the Science” Symposium in Detroit featuring members of its Scientific Advisory Board. It will highlight areas of physical and psychological wellness and outline pertinent health issues for athlete.


Manufactured Xenith helmet receiving quality testing.Xenith is committed to a production process of exceptional quality and design, ensuring the best protective equipment, apparel, and accessories for athletes. 


This unique board will allow Xenith to deepen the level of commitment to designing and providing protective solutions at all levels of competition, best-in-class offerings, thus benefitting the athlete’s overall wellbeing. See the full press release to read more about our board members here.


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