Xenith Football Helmets Combine Affordability AND Top-Performance for Best Value
Xenith Football Helmets Combine Affordability AND Top-Performance for Best Value

You’re looking for a football helmet that has top-rated protection, allows athletes to be comfortable and agile on the field, and utilizes the best technology.  You also need to be conscious of budget and getting the best value possible. Xenith checks these boxes and more.
We design football helmets that provide exceptional value by offering premium materials, best-in-class protective elements, and a built-in custom fit in every helmet, for fair and equitable prices that fit the budget of the average football program.
We calculate helmet value by considering lab test performance, durability, key features, comfort, and price.

Top-Performing Across the Board

We only make NFL “Top-Performing” and Virginia Tech 5-Star rated football helmets; we don’t design or sell a single product that doesn’t meet and exceed these stringent standards. Our new Xenith Shadow XR debuted in the coveted new “Top-Performing” group on the 2020 NFL Helmet test represented by a darker shade of green.


We continue to drive innovation and change what is possible in football helmet protection and performance by working with partners who are the best in the world at what they do. We incorporate premium materials into our football helmets and continue to explore the next frontier of innovation. Xenith’s two latest helmet models, Xenith Shadow and Xenith Shadow XR, feature a novel polymer shell that increases helmet durability and allows for larger ventilation cutouts across the helmet. Xenith Shadow XR’s shell and shocks can withstand over 10,000 hits with virtually zero degradation in performance. According to independent tests, some competitor models see a drastic degradation in performance after as few as three impacts.
Xenith worked with material science experts BASF – the chemists behind Adidas Boost and Brooks Levitate running shoes – to develop this novel polymer shell and provide our football athletes with the on-field experience and quality helmet they deserve.

Protective Elements

Xenith Shadow XR’s protective components are made of RHEON™ technology. The incorporation of RHEON™ into our newest helmet represents the greatest leap forward in Xenith innovation since the development of our core Adaptive Fit technology.
RHEON™ is an industry redefining material that cushions low-speed impacts, but intelligently strengthens for high-speed impacts. The shape of our protective cells allows for a compressing response to linear impacts, and a sheering response for rotational impacts.

Comfort & Custom Fit

Your helmet is only as effective as its fit. Your helmet is only as effective as its fit. One more time: your helmet is only as effective as its fit.

Our competitors achieve custom fit through uncomfortable air bladders or costly head-scanned design. These head-scans and custom designs raise the helmet price by thousands of dollars. Coaches tell us that the downside of this permanent technology is that if the athlete gets their hair cut, or lets it grow out, the “custom” shape is no longer correct, and the helmet no longer fits properly.
With Xenith, you get a custom fit every time you tighten the lower chinstrap.
By utilizing Xenith’s Adaptive Fit technology, athletes have the benefit of their helmet always fitting precisely and comfortably, and coaches have the benefit of a helmet that can be used year after year with no sacrifice in adaptability for different players who use the helmet.

It is a common misconception if your helmet is tighter, it means it fits better. Your helmet should fit RIGHT, not just TIGHT. If the helmet is not comfortable, that means it's not fitting properly and you are not getting the most out of your helmet.
We have performed comfort tests which show the Xenith Shadow XR provides a more uniform, and comfortable fit with no hot spots as compared to a leading competitor.
Again, any added advantage you can take is where you can win!

Last, but certainly not least, is price. The most obvious driver of value. The average price of the top five helmets on the NFL Helmet Ratings list is around $1k MSRP. The Virginia Tech Helmet Rating list is similar at around $1.1k MSRP.

Xenith is extremely competitive in the football helmet landscape and compares favorably to industry averages, all the while coming in hundreds of dollars lower against each average - even with a titanium facemask.
Additionally, Xenith has begun working with Affirm. This allows qualifying customers to pay 0% APR for 12 months.

Check out our full suite of football helmets HERE and rest assured you are getting elite protection, top performance, and leading innovation for an upper-cutting value.