Xenith Quality Extends to Team Uniforms at Todd County Central HS
Xenith Quality Extends to Team Uniforms at Todd County Central HS

In his first year at Todd County, Head Coach Josh Robins wanted to bring his team a “new look for a new era”. He chose the Xenith Elite uniforms for their clean look and breathable paneling to keep his players cool in the muggy, Kentucky weather. The 14-panel, Elite jersey had an immediate fan in one of Coach Robin’s senior receivers who said:

“A lot of jerseys get tight around the shoulders and it’s hard for me to go up and get the ball. These allow me to move how I want to move.”

Even before the player endorsement of the jerseys, Coach Robins had been a long time Xenith equipment customer. “I know we’re gonna get quality,” Coach Robins says. “And if I ever do have a question you give me great customer service all around.” The quality of his Xenith football gear at previous schools and the great customer service he received gave him the confidence to pull the trigger on Xenith uniforms

Once he was sold on the product, Coach got to dive into Xenith’s simple, online uniform customizer. The ability to see designs in real time – rather than just looking at swatches or waiting for mock-ups ­­– allowed Coach to involve his team, namely his senior captains, in the design process. This ensured they could have pride and confidence in their look when they step on the field. 

“The kids look good. They feel good. And that’s the most important thing,”

"The kids look. They feel good. And that's the most important thing," says Coach Robins of outfitting his team from head to ankle in Xenith. In choosing to buy Xenith helmets, shoulder pads, and uniforms, Coach Robins has the luxury of one dedicated sales rep for all his equipment needs, including the often-dreaded helmet reconditioning process at the end of the season. With Xenith taking care of the gear and service, Coach can spend more time concentrating on his team.