Football players wearing Xenith Epic+ huddling together before a game
Xenith Football Helmet Reconditioning; All-Inclusive Pricing and No Hidden Fees

Coaches, we understand your number one priority right now is to provide support for your football team. Take this time to continue to build rapport and keep your athletes focused on their upcoming season. Let us take care of the heavy lifting to make your football helmet reconditioning experiences as seamless as possible.

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Now, more than ever, your equipment needs to be properly cleaned from the buildup of dirt, sweat, and bacteria of last season before being worn again. We believe helmet reconditioning is a critical part of your players' safety and performance, and a key part of maintaining the investment you've made in your football team's equipment. Reconditioning is historically an ugly process, but it doesn’t have to be that way. At Xenith, we offer a premium helmet reconditioning program with all-inclusive pricing and no hidden fees. That means no surprises when your final bill comes through, and top performing football helmets that feel brand new.

Learn more about our in depth process below, and checkout the link at the bottom to begin your seamless reconditioning process with us.

Xenith employee inspecting X2E+ helmet after reconditioning process

Transparent, all-inclusive pricing

There are no hidden costs and no fine print.

Prepaid shipping both ways

Put the prepaid mailing label on your bag of helmets.

All parts are kept with each football helmet

Your parts, your helmet. No mixing and matching.

Photo Verification

We take before and after photos to show that each of your helmets has been expertly reconditioned.

State-of-the-Art Testing

We exceed industry requirements with our reconditioning testing protocols.

No helmet left behind

Each football helmet reconditioned at Xenith goes through robust, multi-step process that includes:

- Complete disassembly and thorough inspection

- Deep-cleaning sanitization

- Buffing injection-molded colors or painting to your team’s colors

- Rebuilding your helmet to original factory specifications

- 19-point final quality inspection


The premium experience

We replace the follow parts in every helmet that we recondition

- Snap Buckles

- High & low chin cup straps

- Chin cup liners

- T-nuts

- Screws

- Snap posts

If needed, we replace the following parts due to wear

- Jaw pads

- Jaw plates

- Jaw shocks

- Chin cups

- Comfort pads

- Facemask clips

- Facemask*

- Front & rear bumpers

- Shock rings

- Shock Matrix fitbands

*Falling within 5-year warranty

Schedule your reconditioning

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