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Xenith Shadow: The Most Advanced Helmet in the Game

The Xenith Shadow is the most advanced helmet in the game.

Rigorously engineered and tested for the athlete, the Xenith Shadow is an evolution of the company’s current patented helmet technology which separates the head from the hit. Its streamlined design improves fit and protection while increasing comfort and minimizing distractions. Combining an enhanced shock arrangement with an industry-first, novel polymer shell, it absorbs energy and protects the athlete from a variety of impacts on the field.

Thoughtfully designed to provide balanced weight distribution, the Xenith Shadow feels light and responsive, allowing for quickness and speed on the field, and still ensuring a stable fit.

The Xenith design team analyzed hundreds of hours of on-field, in-game feedback sessions about helmet performance and combined the findings with lab data, computer simulations and materials science to create the Xenith Shadow’s innovative design. The result: a helmet made for tough, game-time situations.
Fit and comfort were chief design considerations, as with all Xenith products. The Xenith Shadow’s sleek aesthetic, paired with its responsive technology, allows the athlete to play at their best, without distractions.

Learn more about the Xenith Shadow here.

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Xenith Shadow assets here

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