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Which Xenith Football Gloves Should I Buy?

Both glove styles feature:

  • OpTack palm technology to increase grip on the football and help you make the catch
  • Mesh vents for optimal breathability
  • Sweat-wicking material between the fingers to keep your hands dry
  • Flexible stretch material for a soft feel and stretch custom fit
  • Durable dual top stitch to ensure longevity of the product 

Padded Gloves specific feature:

  • Padded back of hand and lower palm
    • Back of hand padding is designed to flex with the natural joints of your fingers
    • Lower palm padding allows you to confidently use your hands to block and tackle
Wear Padded Gloves if:
  • You want the extra protection for your hands, but don't want to sacrifice playmaking performance.

  • You're an offensive or defensive lineman looking for optimal protection, but still want to be able to use your hands to fight and make plays.

  • You’re a tight end who is being asked to block down on one play and catch a touchdown the next.

  • You’re a linebacker who is taking on blocks in the hole and dropping into pass coverage looking for an interception.

  • You’re a defensive back, jamming at the line or keeping outside contain on a run.

  • You’re an alley player like a strong safety, filling a lane in a run scheme or rushing the quarterback in a blitz package. 


Precision Receiver Gloves specific features:

  • OpTack Palm technology for maximum grip on the football.
  • Copolymer wrist strap, thumb cover, and back of hand detail make these gloves super durable.
Wear Precision Receiver Gloves if:
  • You want maximum grip on the football, rain or shine.

  • You’re a wide receiver, looking to go up and make a catch in traffic.

  • You’re a playmaking tight end or slot receiver, looking to catch a screen and turn upfield for extra yards.

  • You’re a running back, looking to improve ball security and catching ability out of the backfield.

  • You’re a quarterback, looking for an extra edge handling the shotgun snap or hitting your passing targets.

  • You’re a defensive back or free safety, patrolling your zone looking to high point the ball.

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