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May 14, 2014

May 14, 2014 – Xenith, LLC (“Xenith”), based in Lowell, Massachusetts, announced that “the Xenith X2E and EPIC Varsity football helmets earned 5-STARS (the highest possible), from the Virginia Tech Helmet Ratings™.”

Chuck Huggins, Xenith’s President, commented: “We are pleased that Xenith’s entire 2014 varsity helmet line achieved the 5-STAR Virginia Tech Rating. Xenith consistently strives to offer players better fit, comfort and protection. The 5-STAR Virginia Tech Rating throughout our entire 2014 varsity helmet line is an honor that validates Xenith’s Adaptive Head Protection.”

Xenith recently became “An Authorized Supplier of Helmets to the NFL.” Xenith will offer NFL players 5-STAR helmets, including the new X2E and EPIC helmets. Xenith’s previous 5-STAR helmet, the X2, can also still be seen on the field which was worn by the 2013 Rushing Title Champion LeSean McCoy, running back for the Philadelphia Eagles and a Xenith Brand Ambassador.

Xenith continues to produce 5-STAR helmets which include the X2 and now the X2E and EPIC football helmets. The Xenith X2E is the next generation of Xenith’s 5-STAR Virginia Tech rated X2 helmet featuring Xenith’s Adaptive Head Protection® system of technologies, which provide exceptional fit, comfort and protection. Xenith’s unique Aware Flow® Shock Absorber and Shock Bonnet® Suspension System are integrated through the Fit Seeker® Chin Strap to provide players with an optimal response for both high and low energy linear and rotational forces that players experience on the field.

The Xenith EPIC helmet features the same Shock Bonnet® Suspension and Fit Seeker® Chin Strap systems along with the latest evolution of shock absorber technology. The EPIC Shock utilizes multi-staged compression to adapt even more effectively to low and high energy hits. Four varied shock heights are strategically placed throughout the liner to achieve tailored protection in all locations.

About Xenith:

Xenith football helmets feature Xenith Adaptive Head Protection® – a system of patented technologies designed to provide superior fit and to minimize the sudden movement of the head during impact. Hundreds of thousands of players at all levels, including youth, high school, major college and the NFL wear Xenith helmets. Xenith incorporates the same protection technology in not only helmets but also Xenith’s XFlexion Shoulder Pads. Being “An Authorized Supplier of Helmets to the NFL,” Xenith supports making the game of football a safer game for everyone to play.

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