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X2E Youth Helmet (Matte Black) w/ Prime Facemask (Black) and chin cup (Black)

Designed for

  • Youth and intermediate level football players


  • Custom fit provided by patented Adaptive Head Protection System, no air pumps needed
  • FitBand silicon band that conforms to head shape and size for a custom fit
  • Low chin strap wraps around the back of the head and cinches to provide a custom fit to the player
  • Repositionable 3DX Jaw Guard for customizable fit


  • Hybrid Chin Cup features non-slip interior liner with hard cup exterior for additional protection.
  • VN Comfort Pads features soft, conforming, breathable material


  • Same technology found in Varsity X2E+


  • X2E+ shock absorber technology adapts to the hit, providing an optimal response to linear impacts
  • Shock suspension system allows the bonnet and head to move independently from the shell, de-coupling the head from linear and rotational forces
  • Lightweight ABS plastic shell designed for youth players
  • Dual density comfort pads, low-density foam providing comfort and high-density foam providing protection.
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Product Specifications
Adaptive Head Protection
System of patented technologies designed to provide a custom fit with no pumps needed, and to help minimize the sudden movement of the head during impact.
Shock Suspension System
Allows the helmet and shell to move independently, mitigating rotational forces.
Fit Band
Silicon band that conforms to head shape and size for a custom fit.
Fit Lock
Injected high-density foam that conforms to the occipital bone for the ultimate fit and retention.
Shock Absorbers
Multi-Stage: Provides enhanced protection from linear and rotational forces by generating multiple levels of counteracting force.
Single-Stage: Provides protection from linear and rotational forces.
Comfort Pad Material
XRD: High-tech soft and pliable foam that hardens on impact for additional protection.
VN: Traditionally used foam in Varsity football helmets.
EVA: Traditionally used foam in Youth football helmets.
Shell Material
Polycarbonate: Stronger shell designed for high level impacts.
ABS: Lightweight, durable shell typically used at the Youth level.
Chin Cup Style
3DX Chin Cup: Features silicon liner for superior comfort. Hybrid Chin Cup: Features soft cup interior with non-slip antimicrobial liner.
Weight (Standard Mask)
Weight (lbs) based on size large helmet with standard facemask.
# of Vents
Series of vents on each side of the helmet shell to allow for airflow during play.
Designed For
Suggested level of play.

X2E+/X2E Comfort Pads


3DX Jaw Guard


Snug Sizing Pads (4)