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Xenith Mirrored Football Eyeshield.

Xenith Mirrored Eyeshield

Xenith's Mirrored Eyeshield was designed to block out anything that distracts you from pursuing your goals and allows you to do it with style; whether that be in training, practice, or games. 

It also provides added protection from opposing players and the elements. Made of shatter resistant polycarbonate with a fog resistant coating, the Mirrored Eyeshield offers distortion-free vision.

Xenith Eyeshields fit any style Xenith facemask, but does not fit size small facemasks, or the Predator/Precept facemask. Xenith Eyeshields also fits most, but not all, other helmet brands.

Tinted eyeshields are not permitted to be worn on every team/league. Xenith recommends checking with your Coach or Athletic Trainer.