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Cass Tech shadow helmet design

Detroit, MI

Cass Tech

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Many of our coaches show their passion for the program and game of football by just showing up. The majority of our staff works outside of the school/school district and oftentimes have to adjust their schedules to be at practices or games...being a coach is a major sacrifice for the coach and his family.


Developing young men is our main purpose. The lessons that you learn from the game of football are endless and they will help these young men as they matriculate throughout life. Accountability, reliability, responsibility, selflessness, sacrifice and so on and so forth.


In our daily chant, some of the main parts are "Together we Stand, Divided we Fall, all for one and one for all" and "Discipline, Unity, Victory". As a player, when you are just as prideful of the name that's on the front of the jersey as you are about the name that is on the back, you will do whatever is necessary to be a great teammate and ultimately become an ambassador of the program.

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