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Fordson shadow helmet design

Dearborn, MI


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For the last half century, our coaches have instilled the tradition of the Fordson football program and have insisted on the passion needed to have an ultra competitive program year after year. This passion begins shortly after one season ends, and exhibits itself in the constant and consistent work that happens in the weight room, and carries itself throughout the off season.


The purpose of the Fordson football program is to instill a competitive drive that will be productive long after a player's football career ends. Every year, our football players, under the direction of a tremendous staff, are taught great lessons by the work they do for charity and helping in community projects. It shows that our players are able to contribute off the field, and our coaches realize that these lessons learned off the field are more important than anything they do on it.


Our motto at Fordson High School is pride, tradition, legacy. The pride in our school and community is legendary in our city. Our Varsity Alumni Club, who has served our athletic department since 1955, has a motto that says, "There are two types of athletes: Those who played at Fordson, and those who wish they had." This sense of pride permeates from guys who were on the state championship team in 1943, to guys who were on the state championship team in 1993, and the continuity of this pride and tradition continues in our current players' hearts.

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