Introducing Xenith Shadow: The Most Advanced Helmet in the Game

FOC Referral Program

Refer a team, earn some cash

How does it work?

Please submit by e-mail or form as noted below. A Xenith team member will get in touch with your referral. If it results in a sale, you get paid!*

*Referral bonuses are only paid for new Xenith business. Referral bonuses will not be paid for existing Xenith customers.

What will be the pricing for the team?

We will coordinate a team package with a local Xenith dealer.
We can’t quote specific pricing until we know the quantity and styles. HOWEVER, we can guarantee that we will get them a great team pricing package!

How much can I make?

5% of the entire order.

When Will I Get Paid?

Xenith will issue bonus checks within 60 days of closed payment on a sale. (Prepaid sales will not incur additional processing time. Orders processed on payment terms must be collected in full prior to bonus payout.) A Xenith team member will keep you informed on the progress of your referral.

Any Questions?

Email our team here: – OR – Give us a call at 800-957-4922

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