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Pitching Xenith

Below you can find a series of documents and videos to help persuade local businesses, organizations, coaches, leagues or boards to purchase Xenith.

NFL Health & Safety Report

This poster, created and commissioned by the NFL and the NFLPA shows the results of the 2015 Helmet Laboratory testing performance results. Note the Epic Varsity’s number one ranking!

Brand Sheet

This sheet shows all helmets, shoulder pads and facemasks offered here at Xenith. The sheet also touches on the technology that differentiates Xenith gear.

Helmet Sheet

This sheet highlights the features of the X2E and Epic that earned both helmets 5-star Virginia Tech Ratings. Remember to check out the Xenith Difference for a more comprehensive breakdown of our technology.

Shoulder Pad Sheet

This sheet highlights each of our cutting edge shoulder pad offerings and their respective features.

Donation Request Template

This letter acts as a guide or template to send to local businesses or charities who may be able to assist in your fundraising efforts.

Epic Impact Video

This video shows the Epic helmet being hit by a pneumatic ram at 2,000 frames per second. The video clearly shows both how our shock absorbers can handle linear blows while our shock bonnet suspension system can rotate independently from shell protecting the player from rotational forces.

Brand Anthem

This 2:00 video shows who we are at Xenith and gives some insight into what goes into making and testing a helmet.