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River Rouge shadow helmet design

River Rouge, MI

River Rouge

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Our coaching staff demonstrates their passion for their players by creating life-long relationships with them as father figures, sometimes even opening up their homes to them if there is a tragedy or if housing options are limited. Our coaching staff has created the “College drop off model”, which includes providing transportation on move-in day to the family and dorm room layout support for the student athlete and parent.


Our coaching staff has developed a firm identity in a successful manhood as our common purpose. The manhood success program focuses on life off the football field. The young men are taught vital life skills focused on daily life, job search preparation, and automotive understanding. They learn how to prepare meals, shop for groceries, write a resume, dress for an interview, change a tire, and purchase a vehicle – and more!


The majority of our coaching staff lives in our community of River Rouge and Southwest Detroit so we are all very active here. We attend our county wide clean-up program with our entire team every year. It’s a landscaping event that helps beautify the city and reduce blight. Our coaches have also started youth reading programs at our elementary schools throughout the fall to help enhance and support the importance of reading as an adolescent.

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