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Introducing Xenith Shadow XR

The New Xenith Shadow XR redefines energy control and delivers the most intelligent, balanced, and comfortable football helmet in the game.

Animated render of the Shadow-XR Helmet

Xenith Shadow XR Performed 10% Better than All "Top-Performing Group" Helmets from 2019 NFL Laboratory Testing

Xenith Shadow XR Performed

10% Better

Than All "Top-Performing Group" Helmets from 2019 NFL Laboratory Testing

Helmet performance score graph
*Results based on internal testing

Xenith Shadow XR Redefines Energy Contorl

Cutaway of Shadow XR helmet

Xenith Shadow XR Redefines Energy Control

Xenith Shadow XR Feels Lighter

Xenith Shadow XRs low profile and balanced feel give you maximum on-field performance allowing for controlled movement and greater agility.

Our Most Comfortable, Secure Fit

RHEON™ cells and integrated RHEON™ jaw pads allow for a uniform, even fit for optimal comfort on the head with no hot spots.

Superior Materials

Our proprietary polymer shell, which is 10% lighter than traditional shell materials, paired with our titanium facemask feel balanced on your head.


Large vents at front and rear of shell along with purposeful RHEON™ shock structure allows cool air to flow over the head and hot air to escape.

Xenith Shadow XR's Energy Control Layer

Made of RHEON™ cells which use re-entrant geometry and proprietary molecular structure to provide the most intelligent energy control solution in the game.

Shadow XR helmet base material

Watch How Shadow XR Controls Energy

Watch How Shadow XR Controls Energy

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Rheon shock pad closeup

Unique Geometry,
Designed to Protect

Xenith utilized RHEON™’s re-entrant geometry to create a castle-shaped cell that cushions low-speed impacts, but intelligently strengthens for high-speed impacts.

Xenith x Rheon

RHEON™ material is soft in its natural state, but intelligently strengthens to control the energy of impacts.

Xenith x Rheon
  • Icon of lightbulb

    Intelligent Energy Control

    Intelligently changes its behavior depending on the magnitude of an impact.

  • Shield with undurable helmet things bouncing off it


    Maintains top performance for over 10 years of impacts.

  • Thermostat icon show different weather

    All Climate Performance

    Exhibits superior energy control rain or shine, hot or cold.

  • Icon of washing machine


    Easy to care for and maintain.

  • Icon of line grid with bump in the center

    Bespoke Geometries

    Can be formed into complex shapes for maximal performance and comfort.

  • Cross-out symbol above microbe


    Inhibits the growth of bacteria.

Virginia Tech 5 star helmet rating
NFLPA Top Performing Group

100% of Xenith helmets are in the Top-Performing Group on NFL Laboratory Testing and 5-Star rated by Virginia Tech Testing.

The Xenith Helmet Lineup

Shell Material
Number of Shocks
Shock Type
Shadow XR
Shadow XR helmet side profile
Shadow helmet side profile
X2E helmet side profile
Shell Material

Industry-First Proprietary Polymer Shell. Optimally protects and performs for up to 10 years.

Industry-First Proprietary Polymer Shell. Optimally protects and performs for up to 10 years.

Industry-Standard Polycarbonate

Number of Shocks

21 shocks

19 shocks

16 shocks

Shock Type
Rheon™ Cell

Ultra-energy absorbing material that strengthens intelligently on impact.

Single and Dual Stage

Strategically placed dual-staged shocks for optimal impact management.

Single Stage

Our original revolutionary impact management solution.

360 Secure Fit Technology

A more robust occipital pad and integrated RHEON™ cell jaw pads offer a secure, uniform fit.

360 Fit Technology

Occipital pad and integrated jaw pad conform to the head.

Traditional Fit

Fit-band technology secures the crown of the head.

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Animated render of the Shadow-XR Helmet