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Frequently Asked Questions

Football Helmets

What is the difference between a Xenith Varsity football helmet and Youth football helmet?
Xenith Varsity football helmets feature a polycarbonate shell and are designed for players at high school, college and pro levels. Xenith Youth football helmets offer Varsity protection in a youth helmet; featuring an ABS shell and designed for youth, middle school, and intermediate players. Each offers the same Xenith Adaptive Head Protection.
What is the difference between a Xenith EPIC+ football helmet and X2E+ Varsity football helmet?
The features a 3DX Chincup, a new FitLock system, Multi-Staged shock absorber technology and an aggressive vent pattern for optimal ventilation. The X2E+ Varsity helmet features proven X2E+ shock absorber technology.
How do I ensure my Xenith football helmet fits properly?
View our Suggested Sizing Guide and watch our Fit Videos to learn how to properly fit your Xenith helmet. Additionally, Xenith sizing accessories, such as Jaw Shocks and Snug Pads, are available for a more customized fit.
Are Xenith football helmets approved for use in all leagues?
Xenith helmets meet all NOCSAE Standards, and can be worn at any level of play.
How do I match the color of my Xenith helmet?
We offer a variety of standard paint color options on Xenith also has hundreds of special order helmet finishes available that are not shown on the website. If your team has a special paint color, please view our Paint Match form to begin the process.
How do I order helmet replacement parts and accessories, such as chincups, comfort pads, snug pads, etc.?
Check out our Accessories page to order.
Where can I get my Xenith helmet reconditioned?
Xenith has Authorized Reconditioners throughout the country. Search our full list of Xenith Authorized Reconditioners.
How do I clean my helmet and interior comfort pads?
Xenith Gear Cleaner is recommended. Allow to air dry. Do not use bleach or ammonia based cleaners or solvent based products. Many over-the-counter cleaning agents contain components that may cause damage to the helmet. For questions on specific cleaners, please contact Customer Service 866-888-2322.
Can I use a Xenith facemask on another brand football helmet?
We recommend Xenith facemasks only be used on Xenith helmets.
Will any other visors fit on Xenith football helmets?
Yes. Brands, such as Under Armour, Nike, Oakley, can fit on Xenith helmets.
Do Xenith football helmets work with cochlear implants?
Xenith helmets can be worn in some instances by players who wear cochlear implants. We recommend that you be fit for one of our helmets to ensure that it can fit properly with the implant.
What is the warranty on a Xenith football helmet?
Xenith warrants the helmet shell for five (5) years on all Varsity model helmets. Xenith warrants the helmet shell for three (3) years on all Youth model helmets. Interior components, such as shock bonnet, are covered for two (2) years in both Varsity and Youth helmet models. Warranty on all helmets is from original ship date. View our full warranty information and helmet warning. You can begin a warranty request here .

Shoulder Pads

How do I ensure my Xenith shoulder pads fit properly?
View our Suggested Sizing Guide and watch our Fit Videos to learn how to properly fit your XFlexion shoulder pads.
Do the XFlexion Back Plate and Core Guard fit on all Xenith shoulder pads?
Yes. The XFlexion Back Plate and Core Guard fit on all Xenith shoulder pads.
Do the XFlexion Back Plate and Core Guard fit on non-Xenith shoulder pads?
Yes. The XFlexion Back Plate and Core Guard can fit on many non-Xenith shoulder pads.
What is the warranty on Xenith shoulder pads?
Xenith warrants shoulder pads for two (2) years from original ship date. You can begin a warranty request here.

Ordering & Delivery

What are the different shipping methods and rates Xenith offers?
UPS Standard Ground 5-7 Business Days $12.99 $7.99 $14.99 $29.99
Expedited 2-4 Business Days $29.99 $29.99 N/A N/A
Express 1-2 Business Days $39.99 $39.99 N/A N/A
Does Xenith deliver to P.O. Boxes?
Xenith does not deliver to P.O. Boxes at this time.
How fast does Xenith ship helmets and/or other products from its facility?
Please allow three (3) business days processing time for in-stock items. Additional processing time is needed for orders requiring paint.
Can I purchase Xenith products anywhere besides
Yes. Xenith products are distributed through a global network of authorized dealers and distributors. Use our Dealer Locator to find an Authorized Xenith Dealer in your area.
Can I purchase if I live outside of the US and Canada?
Yes. Check out a list of our authorized international dealers.

Exchanges & Returns

Can I exchange my Xenith football helmet for another size?
Xenith is happy to exchange your unused helmet for another size. Xenith does not accept used helmets for return or exchange. Please contact Customer Service at 866-888-2322 to get a Return Authorization Number (RA#) before sending your unused helmet in for exchange. Please mark this RA# on the outside of the box so the package is easily identifiable. Exchanges are typically processed within 24-48 business hours of when they are received.
What is Xenith’s return policy?
All returns or exchanges of Xenith products must be done within 30 days from the date of shipment and cannot have been worn on the playing field. Product being returned for size exchange or warranty review will not have a restocking fee applied, while product being returned for credit will incur a 20% restocking fee. Custom painted helmets are not returnable. View our full return policy.