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XMVP - Xenith's Most Valuable Programs

At Xenith, we believe that better head protection is just one component of a larger strategy to change the game. Driven by a relentless pursuit to innovate and educate, we encourage football programs across the country to practice proper tackling technique, teach injury recognition and management, and reward outstanding play and character. As part of our ongoing commitment to players, parents and coaches, we are recognizing a program each month that embodies that attitude, both on and off the field.

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Brockton Junior Boxers - Brockton, MA

"Our community is choosing football as a vehicle to help our youth become great citizens. With the help of Xenith, we are taking Safety to a whole new level!"
-Miguel Oliva, President

Atlanta Bulldogs Academy - Atlanta, GA

"We love the sleek design, comfort, and light weight of the helmets. With its innovative technology it provides a piece of mind to parents, kids, and coaches as we try to adapt to the new rules of the game that ensures that safety of the athletes is the number one priority. Popular yet cost effective, the Xenith X2E and X2E+ meets our needs to the fullest!!"
-Hilton Alexander, Head Coach

Southeast Trojans - Tucson, AZ

“The Southeast Trojans are a Xenith team because our kids safety are our #1 priority! When our Association started in 2012, we did our research and came to the conclusion Xenith was the helmet for the SE Trojans. Having our kids wear Xenith equipment, especially the helmets, we know our players are being protected by the best helmet available.”
-Chris Rogers, President

Hughson Oilers - Hughson, CA

“Our program is only 3 years old and when we first started we made a conscious effort to protect or kids by making the choice to use Xenith helmets. We researched others and came to the obvious conclusion that for concussion protection Xenith is second to none.”
-Jon Perkins, JV Coach

Victor Valley Outlaws Youth Football - Victorville, CA

“Victor Valley Outlaws Youth Football has a high standard when it comes to the safety and welfare of our student athletes. Making sure they have the safest equipment when they step on the football field. Since our first season, we have only issued Xenith helmets. Our players love wearing their Xenith helmets for the look, comfort and protection they feel while playing the game they love.”
-Carlos Lizama, Outlaws President

Westchester Enriched Sciences Magnets - Los Angeles, CA

“Good is not good enough, when better is expected, in order to be a Comet [we needed Xenith].”
-Wyatt Henderson, Head Football Coach

Christ The King Catholic High School - Huntersville, NC

“Xenith helmets were the top rated helmet on the market when we began our research into which head gear we were going to entrust with the well-being of the Sons of CTK. The industry leading bonnet and unique custom fit chin strap combined with the shock absorption of the facemask made the decision very easy for us. We are an Iron Man football team with kids that are on the field for an average of 80-100 plays a game. It didn’t take us long to learn that a high end marketing campaign would do little to protect our student athletes, what would protect them is the cutting edge, state of the art technology Xenith presented. At the end of the day the simplest way to explain why we went with Xenith is by relaying what I told a sales representative from another company that tried to sell us on the helmet all the kids would want because it looked cool and everyone was using it. I told him that we weren’t ‘everyone’ and we were going with the helmet company that didn’t treat us like we were.”
-Jay Alverson, Head Football Coach

Horlick High School Rebels - Racine, WI

“Our players love the look, feel, and fit of our Xenith helmets! Our coaches and parents love the top of the line protection the helmets provide! We believe in the research and structural design Xenith provides. This commitment to excellence keeps the Horlick High School football program safe and confident!”
-Brian Fletcher, Head Football Coach

Chesterfield Chargers - Chesterfield, MI

“The Chesterfield Chargers Youth Football and Cheer organization dedicates itself to the knowledge of football and safety of the game. To maintain the high safety standards of our organization, Xenith was our first and only choice. Every child that steps on the field wearing a Chargers uniform will be equipped with Xenith helmets.”

Valley High School - New Kensington, PA

“When you want the best for your players choose Xenith. I purchased helmets the first year Xenith introduced the X1 because I believed in the technology. Just purchased 12 Epics for this season and I am more convinced that the technology works. My players are much better protected wearing Xenith. In addition to purchasing helmets, we have also been wearing Xenith shoulder pads with great success.”

Pinnacle High School - Phoenix, AZ

“Pinnacle High School uses Xenith because we truly feel it is the best helmet on the market. Our players feel safe and confident knowing that they are being given the best protection possible.”

South Oak Cliff High School - Dallas, TX

“Xenith helmets provide our student athletes with a stylish look, but more importantly, top-of-the-line safety.”

Fort Dorchester High School - North Charleston, SC

“I feel the Xenith helmet has given us an advantage - it keeps us playing.”

Vestavia Hills High School - Vestavia Hills, AL

“My players and I have been very pleased with the Xenith football helmet. The comfort, fit, and protection have been key factors in my decision to use Xenith.”

Clarkston High School - Clarkston, MI

“As a program, we have been very fortunate the last few years to have great kids who are willing to put in the time and effort to create success for themselves.

Having won back to back State Championships we wanted to reward our kids by giving them the best equipment available. We needed new helmets this season and took advantage of the opportunity to supply our athletes with Xenith helmets.”

Mary Institute and St. Louis Country Day School - St. Louis, MO

"For the last four seasons, MICDS has enjoyed extraordinary performance and service while being part of the Xenith team. Our players have confidence in the way their helmets fit and stay on during competition.

As a coach and a parent, I appreciate the pride that Xenith takes in their product and the protection that it provides our student athletes. We are grateful members of the Xenith family."