Gear Up for 7 on 7 Football Season
Gear Up for 7 on 7 Football Season


Football might only be a one season sport, but to excel in a highly competitive game, preparation in the offseason is key. With the rise of non-tackle, 7 on 7, and flag-football, players are developing skills, strength, and conditioning at a faster rate. Entering into a non-tackle league or showcase is a great way to develop skills, whether it's an athlete's first time on the field, or if they are chasing a college scholarship.

If you're new to the game beyond tackle football, we've put together a list of proper equipment to help your athlete gear up for non-tackle season to ensure optimal protection and performance. 

Protective Equipment


Headgear is the most important piece of equipment for any 7 on 7 football player. Although 7 on 7 is a non-contact sport, headgear mitigates the risk of incidental impacts that can occur during this high-speed, competitive game.

Xenith LOOP was purpose built to protect against these specific type of impacts. By utilizing an unprecedented amount of research, our team was able to make the first of its kind non-tackle headgear protection with a 5-star rating on the Virginia Tech flag football helmet ratings. Additionally, Xenith LOOP accommodates all head shapes and hairstyles, exceeding athlete's on the field needs. 

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On-field Accessories


Gloves play a dual role in football. Not only do they protect your hands from cuts and abrasions, but are mostly used for grip. Receiver gloves can improve an athlete's ability to snag a ball out of the air, providing confidence to perform at their best.

Microfiber Towel

Towels are most often used by quarterbacks and centers, both of whom need to keep their hands dry to keep the football secure in any weather condition. However towels can be used by many positions who need to keep their hands dry during the game: Wide receivers, running backs, tight ends, linebackers, and defensive backs.



The technical fabrics and athletic-cut silhouette of compression gear provides a snug, flexible fit for the athlete that can bend through an athlete's full rang of motion, whether in 7 on 7 or tackle. Compression gear is available in sleeveless tops to leggings, and can aid in improving blood flow to muscles during competition. Additionally, compression can improve an athlete's proprioception, which is increased body awareness/ This allows an athlete to move more forcefully and gracefully on the field.  


Preparing for football is different than most other sports. Although cross training with other sports is a great way to improve your game, 7 on 7 and non-tackle football offers a great option for improving skills with less impact on the body.

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